Saturday, September 19, 2009


Today Vivian brought me the wipes container and laid down on the floor next to it, wanting me to change her diaper!
Since she's just turned 15 months old, I'm impressed.
She hates messy diapers and often fusses until I change her, so this is just the next step in helping me change her.
I think I really need to be putting her on the potty more often, I tend to think it's more of a pain to pull her diaper off for nothing but I need to keep the long-term goal in mind.

We are supposed to get a frost tonight. I dressed the girls warm before bed since they both toss and turn everywhere so blankets rarely stay in place.
Took my plants out of the windows too, my African violets love the windows except when it's colder.

I made some fried potatoes with onions for dinner. I didn't have a dinner plan, the potatoes just sounded good to me, then once I smelled the aroma of those cooking I knew I wanted some eggs and toast with them.
Breakfast for dinner. :)

Shiloh got a new Strawberry Shortcake DVD for her birthday from her Mimi and Oompa and today when she watched it, Vivi was bouncing along to the music and singing "bababa" trying to sing the "Straw-buh-buh-buh-berry" parts of the tune.
It was so cute.
I think we have another Strawberry Shortcake Fan. ;-)
Oh yeah, and guess what I'm humming all day??

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Khourt said...

Those potatoes are sounding really good right now!