Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sing me a lullaby :)

Sleepless nights lead to migraine days. :(
Vivi was tired too this morning, since she's part of the reason for my sleep-deprived night. She freaked out when the sweater I put on her this morning was too big and she couldn't find her hands....then instantly started giggling when I folded her sleeves back and Ta da! her hands reappeared.

Yeah, we don't function so well or happily without sleep. ;-)

She took a very long nap this morning which was so nice for me and my pounding head.

I had to put Shiloh in time out once today. She made a huge mess playing with her food with her hands.
She knew she was in trouble too, I think it was one of those...I know it's bad but it's just sooo fun! type deals.

A few seconds into her time out she starts calling me "Mama? Mama?"
"Yes, Shiloh?"
"Mama, can I have a book?"

Hmm, yeah and may I get you some chocolate milk and a cookie? Oh wait, I'm busy cleaning up your mess!
I guess she thought her punishment was a little boring.

Later we were playing hide 'n seek and Vivian peeks into my hiding spot and starts growling at me, lol.
When I tell her "shhh", she takes her soggy toy out of her mouth and tries to put it in my mouth, giggling.
She's trouble. ;-)

Tonight, during her bath she was trying to say "bubbles" she held her hand out to me and said "bub-bah, bub-bah" and she wanted me to put bubbles in her hand. :)

I've mentioned how Shiloh just loves the show, "Dancing with the Stars" well tonight we were singing a whole bunch of songs together from "Jingle Bells" to "ABC's" and I started singing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" and I had to stop and listen to Shiloh singing.
Oh, so funny!!! She sings...
"Twinkle, Twinkle...Dancing with Star
Twinkle, Twinkle....Dancing with Star!"

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Potty training 2

I worked with Vivian on potty training today.
Potty training is so not fun. I wish I had some better tricks up my sleeve, especially considering I just went through all this with Shiloh back in March.
It's a bit different since Vivi is much younger, doesn't talk much, and really doesn't have a treat that she desires.
So I just did a lot of praise and comforting and changing of clothes and scrubbing of floors.
Vivi does have the benefit of having an older sister as an example, and that seems to help.
I brought the chair out into the living room, a more central location, had a cartoon on the TV and I had a hard time keeping Shiloh off the potty!
She thought it was great to sit there and watch her movie, and kept telling me "I potty trainin' "
Yeah....where was that desire 7 months ago, when it really would have helped me??? Now she thinks it's fun?!

I also dug out the parts I need to convert Vivi's crib to a toddler bed. I think I will still wait a bit since she's very, very clingy these days with teething her molars and that doesn't make it a great time to change her bed.
It's also a big deal because the crib converts to a day bed, so that would have to be dismantled and reassembled in Shiloh's room for her and then Vivi would get Shi's toddler bed which is much lower to the ground and has half rails.
So there is potential for Shi's sleep to be disturbed by the change also, but at least I found the step one is done. :)
I'm not pushing Vivi into a toddler bed, she doesn't sleep for very long in her crib anyways but neither of my girls liked the crib much and it's much easier to get them out of my bed and into a toddler bed than into a crib.

I gave Vivian Tylenol before she went to bed last night and that made a much more peaceful night than we've had yet this week.
I found that pacing the floor at night with a fussy 24lb baby made me miserable the next day with sciatic pain...not to mention, how tired I was.
But this morning, the pain was totally gone. Double yay!

Today is rainy and chilly. I probably should put the trash out...but it's rainy and chilly.
Much nicer to sit inside with a cup of tea, and blog, and besides, working on potty-training Vivi means less diapers in the trash so it'll hold til tomorrow, right? ;-)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Not Me, Monday!

After a recent trip to Walmart, I did not come home to find that I had worn my jeans with the hole in the knee while out shopping.
These were also not the same jeans I had placed in my closet a while back until I could decide what to do with them...and wearing them out in public was not one of the options either!

I also do not find it super-cute when Shiloh calls me "Dear" instead of "Mama",
"Dear! Dear! you hear it?? wats dat??"

There certainly are not FOUR weekly newspaper puzzles sitting on my countertop. I like my counters clean and definitely would not keep accumulating puzzles instead of realizing that I do not have time to do them and just toss them...No, Not Me!

I also would not let my 3 year old feed our pet fish, it makes a huge mess...what could I be thinking? No, Not Me!

I always make healthy breakfasts for my family. I would never serve them icing-coated cinnamon rolls from a tube! Not Me!

And I certainly would not be so nervous about the cinnamon roll pop canisters, that I hold them far enough away from my face that the neighbors are more likely to get injured than myself if it popped too hard. No, I am a reasonable adult.

Also after placing all the rolls that I do not feed my family into the pan, I wouldn't then read the instructions...which for some reason are always ripped apart by the popping of the canister...and find out I needed to grease the pan first.

When an older woman stopped me yesterday at the grocery store to chat about the girls, I was not so distracted by her vast amounts of nose hair that I cannot remember another single feature about her. Noooo, I am polite and always remember to maintain eye contact!

I also did not have to check myself in the mirror before I brought the trash to the curb....No, certainly Not Me!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Maybe it's Maybelline...

I almost put mascara on my lips this morning.
Sleep-deprived Mommies do not make good make-up artists.
Sleep-deprived Mommies do not make good palettes either, that's when you look at your little container of concealer and wish that you had some concealer for your hair, and your clothes, and your hands etc.

Vivian fussed most of the night. :(
She'd fall asleep, then I'd fall asleep, then she'd start fussing, which led to her wanting to nurse, then she'd fall asleep again, and repeat every hour.
Then all that nursing leads to her leaking through her diaper...but there does seem to be some progress on one of her molars this morning AND she ate 12 (yes, I counted) Penne for lunch, which is a lot for her!

I took the girls to the grocery store today since I needed to pick up a newspaper and some staples.
Not one but TWO older women came up to us and asked me if the girls were twins. One lady quickly realized that they weren't though.
They look like sisters but not twins, not yet anyways. I mean their eyes are different shades, even their skin coloring is different, and Shiloh's hair reaches half-way down her back while Vivi's is just below her ears.
I got stuck with the squeaky cart too. By the time I realized it I already had both girls settled in it and Vivi buckled in and had sanitized it with those handy wipes next to the entrance, so we just squeaked our way through the store.
I'd have to say Sunday is not a great day to do grocery shopping.
The store and parking lot were pretty crowded with shoppers, while the shelves had empty spots.

Shiloh was such a helper. She carried my purse and a light bag from the car to the house...and since I was carrying all 24lbs. of Vivian, a Gallon of milk, and another bag of miscellaneous groceries while trying to get my key in the lock, it really helped a lot! :)

Friday, October 23, 2009

A lick of this, A lick of that.

I went to Wal-Mart today, trying to get a start on my seasonal shopping.
I was a little too ambitious though.
I should have limited myself to just shopping for 2 or 3 people...that would've been easier.
The day started out overcast and chilly but warmed up to be pretty decent.
Another mistake was bringing a teething baby with me, but given the fact that she's been teething since...December! I don't have a whole lot of choices in that regard.
Vivi was just chewing on whatever she could, and drooling and her nose was runny. Thankfully she didn't chew on anything "cart related"...ew, ew, ew! and I had remembered to bring Tylenol, Anbesol, and some chewy toys along also.
Excuse me, teething toys...she's not a puppy, though my house might look like she is. ;-)

I did have to take both girls into the bathroom with me because Vivi was getting quite fussy and they have a nursing bench in there. Shi sat next to me chattering away. "Hi Mama, Hi Baby, Hi Shiloh. Mama you feedin' Baby? Awww, Cute Baby! Hi Mama!" and so on.
Then chattering in the car on the way home.
"Mama, I want *present*. Mama, I want *present*"
"You can't have *present* it's for *person* for Christmas"
"Mama, I want Crisstiss, Mama.
Mama, Shiloh Crisstiss!
Mama, I want Shiloh Crisstiss!"

Yes, Shiloh says Mama a lot....a whole lot. But actually she's learning to put people's names in her conversations.
She also is repeating me tons. It's neat to see her learning to put sentences together better, but it does drive one crazy at times.
This non-stop echoing from the moment she wakes.

Vivian's gums are HUGE, right where her bottom two molars should be popping through, but instead of cutting through they just keep swelling and swelling.
Poor baby.
She's really only licking foods now and that's it.
She licked one spoonful of yogurt then handed me the bowl. She licked a cookie then tossed it on the floor. She just licked the cheese and crackers I offered her.
She licked the cereal I gave her then dropped it on my freshly vacuumed carpet and (of course) stepped on it.
Vivi runs to the refrigerator and pats it. I pull out her juice, she shakes her head no. I pull out her milk cup, she shakes her head no.
I open the freezer and pull out a frozen washcloth. She claps her hands and says "ta da!".
Teething is the only thing on her mind, hopefully once these teeth do pop through her appetite will increase.

On the bright side, this morning Shiloh was playing with Play-doh (before I vacuumed, and the main reason I vacuumed!) ;-) and Vivi fussed and fussed to play with her.
Actually Vivi played really well with the Play-doh and I think the main reason she didn't try to take a taste is because of her teeth.
She played with it just like she plays with all her food instead of eating it, yep.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Summer day in October

Today was such a beautiful day. Sunny and it even reached 70 degrees. :)
I washed and opened every window in the house...I was hoping for a chance to wash them before winter sets in.
The girls had to have their own cloths to help me clean too. Shiloh loves to wash off my piano...which is helpful since it tends to be a dust magnet!
I'm not sure how much washing Vivi did, I just know she shredded her piece of paper towel and that was quite a mess but (lucky Me!) Shiloh cleaned up most of it.

I let Shiloh take her nap an hour late so she could just enjoy the sunshine too. :)
It was so very nice to sit in the porch, knitting, while the girls played with their toys.
Okay, that would be the ideal situation...
Actually I sat down to knit...and Shiloh freaked out about a fly in the porch, Vivi pulled on my yarn, Shiloh got stuck under her toy picnic table, Vivi pooped and stunk up the porch, I changed Vivi's diaper, we all shared an ice cream cone, I wiped the girls faces, Shiloh had to use the potty and needed a drink, and so on.
But it was still nice and I was able to get a few rows of knitting done too. ;-)

I'm making a winter hat for Shiloh and I'm really loving the variegated red yarn I found for it. I have hopes to get a few projects done over the next couple months but we'll see how it goes. :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I wanna eat Crisstiss!

I was talking to Shiloh about Christmas the other day.
I asked her what she would like for Christmas, her answer...
"I wanna eat Crisstiss!"

She's such a character!!
We were talking about last Christmas to see if she remembered anything about the holiday, and the next morning she came running down and looked at where the tree was placed last year and asked "where's Crisstiss?"
So she does seem to remember a little.

She loves to tell me what Vivian needs too when she's crying.
"Mama, baby cryin' she need a nap!"
"Mama, baby need milk"
"Mama, Bibian's teef hurt she need medsin"

Vivian can't get away with anything either, it's constant
"Mama, Bibian touchin"
"Mama, Bibian makin a MESS"

It's actually helpful for the most part...though I'm sure Vivian disagrees!

They really need to make some Miracle Gro for teeth, poor Vivi has been battling these molars for months! Just something to make them pop through fast and one time, not this cutting through then the gum swelling up so they have to cut through again stuff!
Yesterday and today were particularly bad, she just wants me to carry her all day long! When I go out of her sight it's the worst, I had to mop the upstairs bathroom and she screeched the entire time....but the bright side is that I knew exactly where she was and what she was doing!
Thankfully she loves chewing on frozen washcloths so those keep her happy for awhile.

I found some clips of the old Pink Panther cartoons and the girls both love them so much. They both laugh at the same time, and at the same thing so it's really cute.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Sad day

My father-in-law lost his battle with cancer yesterday.
He fought it much longer than the Doctors anticipated.
I am glad he got to meet the girls when he was healthy enough, especially since that was a desire of his.
It'll be nice to be able to tell Vivian when she is older, that she brought a smile to his face with her 1-year old antics.

DH is doing okay. He has a lot of obligations for the funeral, being the oldest son in a Chinese family.
He wasn't too close to his Dad, but in some ways it seems that makes the loss a bit harder since there are no more chances to build a relationship or mend bridges.

Friday, October 16, 2009

My Drama Queens

I know I have said that my daughters are dramatic before.
It comes with an active imagination, I guess.
I'm not sure where they get that's not like I have an ounce of drama in me...or anything. ;-)

Anyways, Vivi hasn't really been thrilled with bathtime since her PITT (poo-in-the-tub) incident.
As soon as I put her in the tub tonight, she started fussing.
Not a big deal to me since she often does that since the PITT thing, so I just started washing Shiloh up as usual and tried to distract Vivi with bubbles and toys.
Then I noticed Vivian was holding her feet oddly. I saw there were bits of black fuzz from her socks floating around her feet so I figured she was freaked about that, thinking the fuzz was poo or something.
I washed Vivi up and she fine for that, then I usually let the girls splash a bit while I straighten/clean things around the bathroom, but Vivi started sobbing so I took her out and got her dressed instead.

While I am dressing Vivian, Shiloh suddenly notices for the first time that there is some fuzz floating in the water.
She starts trying to move away from the fuzz and says "Mama, messy! Mama, messy!"
I said "Don't worry, it's not poop...It's just fuzz".
Big mistake.

In case you don't remember (like I didn't at the moment) Shiloh is afraid of fuzz.
She freaked.
She was trapped IN the tub, alone WITH FUZZ!!!!!!!
Tears, hysterics, trying to escape from the terrible fuzz....which was chasing her around the tub, very similar to the PITT incident...yep.

Probably wasn't really comforting that I was trying to reassure her that she was fine, while I laughed hysterically because it was just such a ludicrous situation!
If you don't laugh, you'd cry at the craziness.
Both of my daughters chased out of the bathtub and sent into hysterics by...TOE FUZZ!

This certainly is not in a child-rearing manual. Afraid of the dark...certainly.
Afraid of strangers...definitely. But the chapter on Toe Fuzz phobia...nope.

I guess I need to add "defuzz toes" to my bathtime preparations from now on.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

One of those days...

Ever have one of those days.
You know, the one where your three year old doesn't fall asleep during her nap time so instead she falls asleep at 5pm while eating her dinner....then sleeps for THREE hours so now who knows when her bedtime will be...

The kind of day that you see a bowl of mashed potatoes sitting in your fridge and decided to try your hand at frying potato pancakes, only to fill the house with smokey haze.
The kind of day that you are both thankful the smoke detector didn't go off and concerned that the smoke detector didn't go off.
Then when you take the hot pan off of the stove and put it on a wooden trivet....the pan burns the trivet, damaging it.

The baby wakes up...either because of the noise of your frantic "Ooh! Ooh!'s" or because of the smell of smoke.
You put the baby back to bed.
You light some scented candles. You scrub at everything with a greasy film...which is everything!

The baby wakes up and discovers a slippery area on the kitchen floor and laughs as she slips across it successfully, then cries when she falls down, then laughs, then cries.
You wash the slippery floor.
Baby discovers the wet area on the floor and laughs as she slips across it successfully, then cries when she falls down, then laughs, then cries.

You finish washing everything up, make a cup of tea in the microwave. Think about making a grilled cheese but today is not a good day to go near the evil stove. Opt instead for a muffin with jelly.

Yep, those kinds of days are bad.
Even worse would be, being married to a chef who can and will tell you exactly what you did wrong.

But then at least you'll find another use for the frying pan...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

M&M's are the best "medsin"

The girls and I had a nice Columbus day, visiting with my family.
Shi was anxious to visit her Grandma.
She kept saying "I ready to go. I want to see Gamma. I like Gamma." :)
Enjoyed some absolutely delicious chili there too!

It was quite cold this morning but once the sun hit the porch this afternoon, it warmed up to 77 degrees in there and was really nice.
The girls and I played house out there for some time.
I also made a couple loaves of Honey Oatmeal bread. It is a yeast bread which I am rather new to dealing with, but this recipe doesn't require kneading, a definite plus to me.
I just know as soon as I dive into kneading bread, someone will need to use the potty or something.
Anyways it was excellent hot from the oven and slathered with butter, Vivi had a taste as well, but Shiloh was too busy eating pretend cake and ice cream from her playsets.

This afternoon, Shiloh was climbing down from one of the dining room chairs and fell off instead and smacked her cheek on the window seat.
I don't think I've ever seen a bruise form quite so fast! :(
She let me hold ice in a cloth to it for quite awhile so I'm hoping it will heal quickly.
She did say that the mini M&M's I gave her made her cheek feel better...but I also gave her some Tylenol in case the candy wasn't strong enough, those are two things that must be in every Mom's First-Aid kit. Definitely.

I asked Shiloh if she wanted to watch a movie tonight and offered her the options of an Elmo movie, a Barbie movie, or one of my musicals "Kiss Me, Kate" and she chose the musical.
Such a girl after my own heart! :)

Vivian has one molar poking through the gum now, oddly enough it's on the opposite side of the molar she's been teething the longest.
Talk about dragging out the pain of teething!

She now says "Ta da!" about everything. She picked up all the throw rugs and put them in a pile "Ta da!", She pulled all the laundry off the drying racks and threw them on the floor "Ta da!"
I asked if she pooped in her diaper...."Ta da!" she replied.
She also is saying "dih-dah" for "Thank you", every time I hand her something she says "dih-dah".
It's so cute.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Some photos from our very chilly, but sunny Sunday.

This is what I see next to my laptop on our dining room table...mug of tea for me, tissues for the girls. (the girls are more perky than yesterday, but we're dealing with constant runny noses)

My african violets are blooming again for me! Both of them!

So sweet of them to blossom again since our trip occurred right when they were blooming before. I'm rather surprised that they are blooming again so quickly though.

I still can't bear to put away the hummingbird know, just in case there is a hungry hummingbird still around.

There is a freeze warning tonight though, so I probably should get to it before the feeder cracks.

Miss Vivi is wandering everywhere in her cute slippers from Singapore.

We still have balloons drifting eerily around the house...this one isn't floating so well anymore, but since the last birthday party was nearly a month ago...

View that I wanted to get a picture of in full Autumn glory. Hmm...not quite what I was thinking of.

Our porch door. I'm still lovin' my window crayons. **no art critics please! ;-)

The girls' playhouse and do you see Shiloh anywhere?









like maybe that blue lump behind the black chair?

I'll make the next game of "Where's Shiloh?" easier...

Yes, that is my scary troll pumpkin too! It's turning orange and looking more pumpkin-y and somewhat less troll-y.

The jury is still out on how much it has improved though...I mean would The Hulk be any less angry if he turned orange instead of green?

Friday, October 09, 2009

Not such a spring chicken...

I had a busy day yesterday.

A lot of cleaning, carrying this and that, pulling out my winter clothes and putting away my summer ones...not a moment too soon since there is snow (off and on) in the forecast and I was getting tired of just pairing a hoodie with all my shirts for warmth.

While Shi took her nap I decided to adjust the television antenna since the stations weren't coming in too well recently.

It wasn't too big a deal, just involved standing on a chair (I don't know where DH put my step stool) with my arms up moving the antenna until the stations came in clearer.
Then I noticed that the girls had dropped two of their videos behind the entertainment of Shi's favorites included.
So I leaned to pick up the movies, having to twist my body around the TV, and stretching because they were just out of reach when I suddenly pinched a nerve in my neck.
Pain from my ears to my shoulders!
I had a sudden thought of having to call my DH to pull me out from behind the embarrassing would that be?
So I just loosened my knees enough to sag to the floor trying desperately not to move anything above my waist.
Then I was finally able to move my head and neck a little and release the pinch.
That ached the rest of the day and night, but not bad enough to need Tylenol or anything.

Today my sciatica kicks in. Some how I must have triggered that yesterday.
It developed and plagued me during my pregnancy with Vivian, so now once in awhile it twinges.
But today it was aching.

**Now it's Saturday and my sciatica is still aching. Shiloh had me up most of the night, she was just whining and whining and said her head hurt a few times.
In the wee hours of the morning she starts sniffling.
This morning both girls have colds. Runny noses and sniffling. :(
But Mama is actually wide-awake! Of course this second pot of coffee seems to be helping too.

Did I mention that my coffee pot made coffee at midnight the other day? I haven't been using the timer lately so I never set it, but the coffee maker automatically sets to 12:00 if there is no time selected and the timer button must have been accidentally hit at some point. Ta da! Coffee at midnight!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

I think it's nap time....

I'll try to keep this short and sweet since I have a migraine that Excedrin is not touching and I feel like I'm coming down with a cold. :( I took some Airborne but I think it's too late...

I took Shiloh to the Doctor's early this morning just for her Flu shot. The office was really quiet since the Dr. was off and it was just a nurse visit so I asked if they had time that they could weigh and measure her as well.
I really like the nurse there, she's very sweet and she was the reason we were able to get today's appt and not have to put Shiloh on a waiting list for the Flu vaccine (regular Flu).
The nurse told the receptionist to let Shiloh have an appt. today, She's also very pregnant with her third daughter, so we like to chat about girly things at our appts. ;-)
Anyways, Shi has gained 4lbs and grown 4" in a year. That's pretty good....but Vivi is catching up to her very rapidly!
I think they might get a lot of twin comments in the future like my sister and I did.

Shiloh even watched as the nurse give her the shot and she didn't so much as jump! The nurse put a "Garfield" sticker on her leg and Shi just said "Ooh, cat!" and that was it.
I didn't know she would react but I wouldn't imagine in a million years that it would go *that* smoothly!

She did need Tylenol this afternoon though, she was out of sorts and out of character for her and it was right at the time that the first dose would have wore off too.
Vivian's molars are bothering her today and she's crabby and overly dramatic so nobody wanted to nap....well, except for Mommy!

Yay, finally got them both down. Shi fell asleep reading books in her room and without her around Vivi was bored enough to give in to her exhaustion.
Now, Mommy's turn for a siesta!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Darin' to run errands

I took the girls out running errands with me myself.
I really don't do that too often, we just always tend to plan our shopping and errands for DH's days off, but I needed to pick up Vivi's vitamins and just wanted to get out and enjoy a sunny day which has been rather rare lately.

We ran to the drugstore first, I recently switched pharmacies because this particular one has a drive-thru which I thought would be excellent for many reasons.
Since I had the girls with me , I went to the drive-thru for the very first time. I got almost to the window before I spotted the tiny sign stating the drive-thru was closed.
So I have to find a parking spot, and get the girls out, and go all the way to the back of the store just to pick up Viv's vitamins.
Shiloh was soo good though, she held onto the pocket of my coat when I needed a free hand, and then carried the bag for me...while I kept one hand on her and one arm carrying Vivi.

(And that didn't have anything to do with the serious "behave yourself" talk that I gave her beforehand...Not Me! oh wait, that's a Monday thing...and today is uh, not Monday...)

Then we went to Wal-Mart and I managed to get both girls through the parking lot without letting go of either one...and lift both of them simultaneously into the shopping cart, which "reminded" me that I injured my shoulder the other day.
Pulled muscle or pinched nerve or something painful.

Vivi crumpled coupons, Shiloh made calls on her cell phone and snacked on M&M's, and we shopped.

We looked at the fish, I really liked the Koi that they had but they looked like they would eat "Sir-poops-a-lot" (our current fish) and that just wouldn't do.
Normally, Shi fusses when we leave the fish tanks but I was able to get them both into a big production of waving bye-bye and saying bye to all the fish.
Fortunately Wal-Mart is not too packed in the middle of the day. ;-)

I was just about ready to go when Vivi decided she was done with riding in the cart and wanted to be carried instead...well, more than that since she started tugging on the neckline of my shirt giving me her obvious hints!

After naps, I worked on potty training Vivian a bit. How quickly I forget the tips and tricks I used with Shiloh just earlier this year!
That is why I write them here on my handy, dandy, blog!
Things are a little different since Vivi is so young, but it was still helpful to read it over again.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Not Me, Monday!

This morning's potty-training trial did Not leave me chasing my half-clothed 1yr old around the house with a diaper while she had a bm peeking out between her butt cheeks.
It also did not involve my 3yr. old encouraging her sister by telling her "pee on potty, get canee!" or then deciding that she wanted to run around the house half-naked too...

I also am not sitting here blogging instead of working on potty-training...No, Not me!

My daughters' certainly don't understand the word "chocolate" before they know words like "milk" and "bread".

I also did Not spend an insane amount of time staring at the neighbor's new crow decoration trying to determine if it was a real crow or not. Not Me!


Vivian had a good Dr's appt. on Thursday.
(Sorry it has taken me so long to update, I wasn't feeling well...I have a goal of two posts today so that should make up for it! ;-)
Vivi is a big least in comparison to Shi.
At 15 months old, she is the same height but about 2 1/2 pounds heavier than Shiloh was at 17 months!
No wonder my arm muscles start quivering when I need to carry her for an extended amount of time! She's a solid baby!

We're taking a wait and see approach with the bit of skin that is between her front teeth, especially since she still only has 4 teeth on top and is so young.
We had quite a long wait before our appt. and the waiting room was just packed with sick kids. ugh!

Fortunately I was able to snag a seat just outside of the room so we weren't in such close contact with everyone and DH stayed home with Shiloh so she wasn't exposed.
Flu is running rampant now (and probable Swine Flu) since the kids went back to school.

I ran to Wal-Mart for more Motrin for Vivian...both in case she had a reaction to her vaccines and for her teething molars, and they were completely and totally out of generic! I've never seen the shelves that empty, and not a display to be found.
There wasn't much of the name-brand stuff either, but I managed to grab a bottle.
I didn't look at the adult Flu medicine stock, but I'm thinking it must be similar.
It's so early in the season too...

Vivi is saying Mama or sometimes Mom-Mom, Dada, Hello (low), and Elmo with regularity. She'll also call me and then pat the refrigerator when she wants a drink, or pat my knee and say "Mmm" when she wants to try what I'm eating.
She shakes her head "No" too, so that helps with communicating as well.

Shiloh told me this morning "Mom look! There's water in my mouth!" she suddenly discovered this. I told her it was drool since there's no way she could say saliva.
Later on in the morning, she pointed to the table. "I want some, I wanta drinka drool" pointing at my glass of water.
She's such a character!