Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Darin' to run errands

I took the girls out running errands with me today....by myself.
I really don't do that too often, we just always tend to plan our shopping and errands for DH's days off, but I needed to pick up Vivi's vitamins and just wanted to get out and enjoy a sunny day which has been rather rare lately.

We ran to the drugstore first, I recently switched pharmacies because this particular one has a drive-thru which I thought would be excellent for many reasons.
Since I had the girls with me , I went to the drive-thru for the very first time. I got almost to the window before I spotted the tiny sign stating the drive-thru was closed.
So I have to find a parking spot, and get the girls out, and go all the way to the back of the store just to pick up Viv's vitamins.
Shiloh was soo good though, she held onto the pocket of my coat when I needed a free hand, and then carried the bag for me...while I kept one hand on her and one arm carrying Vivi.

(And that didn't have anything to do with the serious "behave yourself" talk that I gave her beforehand...Not Me! oh wait, that's a Monday thing...and today is uh, not Monday...)

Then we went to Wal-Mart and I managed to get both girls through the parking lot without letting go of either one...and lift both of them simultaneously into the shopping cart, which "reminded" me that I injured my shoulder the other day.
Pulled muscle or pinched nerve or something painful.

Vivi crumpled coupons, Shiloh made calls on her cell phone and snacked on M&M's, and we shopped.

We looked at the fish, I really liked the Koi that they had but they looked like they would eat "Sir-poops-a-lot" (our current fish) and that just wouldn't do.
Normally, Shi fusses when we leave the fish tanks but I was able to get them both into a big production of waving bye-bye and saying bye to all the fish.
Fortunately Wal-Mart is not too packed in the middle of the day. ;-)

I was just about ready to go when Vivi decided she was done with riding in the cart and wanted to be carried instead...well, more than that since she started tugging on the neckline of my shirt giving me her obvious hints!

After naps, I worked on potty training Vivian a bit. How quickly I forget the tips and tricks I used with Shiloh just earlier this year!
That is why I write them here on my handy, dandy, blog!
Things are a little different since Vivi is so young, but it was still helpful to read it over again.

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