Wednesday, October 07, 2009

I think it's nap time....

I'll try to keep this short and sweet since I have a migraine that Excedrin is not touching and I feel like I'm coming down with a cold. :( I took some Airborne but I think it's too late...

I took Shiloh to the Doctor's early this morning just for her Flu shot. The office was really quiet since the Dr. was off and it was just a nurse visit so I asked if they had time that they could weigh and measure her as well.
I really like the nurse there, she's very sweet and she was the reason we were able to get today's appt and not have to put Shiloh on a waiting list for the Flu vaccine (regular Flu).
The nurse told the receptionist to let Shiloh have an appt. today, She's also very pregnant with her third daughter, so we like to chat about girly things at our appts. ;-)
Anyways, Shi has gained 4lbs and grown 4" in a year. That's pretty good....but Vivi is catching up to her very rapidly!
I think they might get a lot of twin comments in the future like my sister and I did.

Shiloh even watched as the nurse give her the shot and she didn't so much as jump! The nurse put a "Garfield" sticker on her leg and Shi just said "Ooh, cat!" and that was it.
I didn't know she would react but I wouldn't imagine in a million years that it would go *that* smoothly!

She did need Tylenol this afternoon though, she was out of sorts and out of character for her and it was right at the time that the first dose would have wore off too.
Vivian's molars are bothering her today and she's crabby and overly dramatic so nobody wanted to nap....well, except for Mommy!

Yay, finally got them both down. Shi fell asleep reading books in her room and without her around Vivi was bored enough to give in to her exhaustion.
Now, Mommy's turn for a siesta!

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