Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I wanna eat Crisstiss!

I was talking to Shiloh about Christmas the other day.
I asked her what she would like for Christmas, her answer...
"I wanna eat Crisstiss!"

She's such a character!!
We were talking about last Christmas to see if she remembered anything about the holiday, and the next morning she came running down and looked at where the tree was placed last year and asked "where's Crisstiss?"
So she does seem to remember a little.

She loves to tell me what Vivian needs too when she's crying.
"Mama, baby cryin' she need a nap!"
"Mama, baby need milk"
"Mama, Bibian's teef hurt she need medsin"

Vivian can't get away with anything either, it's constant
"Mama, Bibian touchin"
"Mama, Bibian makin a MESS"

It's actually helpful for the most part...though I'm sure Vivian disagrees!

They really need to make some Miracle Gro for teeth, poor Vivi has been battling these molars for months! Just something to make them pop through fast and one time, not this cutting through then the gum swelling up so they have to cut through again stuff!
Yesterday and today were particularly bad, she just wants me to carry her all day long! When I go out of her sight it's the worst, I had to mop the upstairs bathroom and she screeched the entire time....but the bright side is that I knew exactly where she was and what she was doing!
Thankfully she loves chewing on frozen washcloths so those keep her happy for awhile.

I found some clips of the old Pink Panther cartoons and the girls both love them so much. They both laugh at the same time, and at the same thing so it's really cute.


Heather said...

I wonder what color your poo would be after eating Crisstiss? Red and green and sparkly??...

MoppetMama said...

Lol, leave to you Heather to think of that! ;)