Friday, October 23, 2009

A lick of this, A lick of that.

I went to Wal-Mart today, trying to get a start on my seasonal shopping.
I was a little too ambitious though.
I should have limited myself to just shopping for 2 or 3 people...that would've been easier.
The day started out overcast and chilly but warmed up to be pretty decent.
Another mistake was bringing a teething baby with me, but given the fact that she's been teething since...December! I don't have a whole lot of choices in that regard.
Vivi was just chewing on whatever she could, and drooling and her nose was runny. Thankfully she didn't chew on anything "cart related"...ew, ew, ew! and I had remembered to bring Tylenol, Anbesol, and some chewy toys along also.
Excuse me, teething toys...she's not a puppy, though my house might look like she is. ;-)

I did have to take both girls into the bathroom with me because Vivi was getting quite fussy and they have a nursing bench in there. Shi sat next to me chattering away. "Hi Mama, Hi Baby, Hi Shiloh. Mama you feedin' Baby? Awww, Cute Baby! Hi Mama!" and so on.
Then chattering in the car on the way home.
"Mama, I want *present*. Mama, I want *present*"
"You can't have *present* it's for *person* for Christmas"
"Mama, I want Crisstiss, Mama.
Mama, Shiloh Crisstiss!
Mama, I want Shiloh Crisstiss!"

Yes, Shiloh says Mama a lot....a whole lot. But actually she's learning to put people's names in her conversations.
She also is repeating me tons. It's neat to see her learning to put sentences together better, but it does drive one crazy at times.
This non-stop echoing from the moment she wakes.

Vivian's gums are HUGE, right where her bottom two molars should be popping through, but instead of cutting through they just keep swelling and swelling.
Poor baby.
She's really only licking foods now and that's it.
She licked one spoonful of yogurt then handed me the bowl. She licked a cookie then tossed it on the floor. She just licked the cheese and crackers I offered her.
She licked the cereal I gave her then dropped it on my freshly vacuumed carpet and (of course) stepped on it.
Vivi runs to the refrigerator and pats it. I pull out her juice, she shakes her head no. I pull out her milk cup, she shakes her head no.
I open the freezer and pull out a frozen washcloth. She claps her hands and says "ta da!".
Teething is the only thing on her mind, hopefully once these teeth do pop through her appetite will increase.

On the bright side, this morning Shiloh was playing with Play-doh (before I vacuumed, and the main reason I vacuumed!) ;-) and Vivi fussed and fussed to play with her.
Actually Vivi played really well with the Play-doh and I think the main reason she didn't try to take a taste is because of her teeth.
She played with it just like she plays with all her food instead of eating it, yep.

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