Tuesday, October 13, 2009

M&M's are the best "medsin"

The girls and I had a nice Columbus day, visiting with my family.
Shi was anxious to visit her Grandma.
She kept saying "I ready to go. I want to see Gamma. I like Gamma." :)
Enjoyed some absolutely delicious chili there too!

It was quite cold this morning but once the sun hit the porch this afternoon, it warmed up to 77 degrees in there and was really nice.
The girls and I played house out there for some time.
I also made a couple loaves of Honey Oatmeal bread. It is a yeast bread which I am rather new to dealing with, but this recipe doesn't require kneading, a definite plus to me.
I just know as soon as I dive into kneading bread, someone will need to use the potty or something.
Anyways it was excellent hot from the oven and slathered with butter, Vivi had a taste as well, but Shiloh was too busy eating pretend cake and ice cream from her playsets.

This afternoon, Shiloh was climbing down from one of the dining room chairs and fell off instead and smacked her cheek on the window seat.
I don't think I've ever seen a bruise form quite so fast! :(
She let me hold ice in a cloth to it for quite awhile so I'm hoping it will heal quickly.
She did say that the mini M&M's I gave her made her cheek feel better...but I also gave her some Tylenol in case the candy wasn't strong enough, those are two things that must be in every Mom's First-Aid kit. Definitely.

I asked Shiloh if she wanted to watch a movie tonight and offered her the options of an Elmo movie, a Barbie movie, or one of my musicals "Kiss Me, Kate" and she chose the musical.
Such a girl after my own heart! :)

Vivian has one molar poking through the gum now, oddly enough it's on the opposite side of the molar she's been teething the longest.
Talk about dragging out the pain of teething!

She now says "Ta da!" about everything. She picked up all the throw rugs and put them in a pile "Ta da!", She pulled all the laundry off the drying racks and threw them on the floor "Ta da!"
I asked if she pooped in her diaper...."Ta da!" she replied.
She also is saying "dih-dah" for "Thank you", every time I hand her something she says "dih-dah".
It's so cute.

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