Friday, October 16, 2009

My Drama Queens

I know I have said that my daughters are dramatic before.
It comes with an active imagination, I guess.
I'm not sure where they get that's not like I have an ounce of drama in me...or anything. ;-)

Anyways, Vivi hasn't really been thrilled with bathtime since her PITT (poo-in-the-tub) incident.
As soon as I put her in the tub tonight, she started fussing.
Not a big deal to me since she often does that since the PITT thing, so I just started washing Shiloh up as usual and tried to distract Vivi with bubbles and toys.
Then I noticed Vivian was holding her feet oddly. I saw there were bits of black fuzz from her socks floating around her feet so I figured she was freaked about that, thinking the fuzz was poo or something.
I washed Vivi up and she fine for that, then I usually let the girls splash a bit while I straighten/clean things around the bathroom, but Vivi started sobbing so I took her out and got her dressed instead.

While I am dressing Vivian, Shiloh suddenly notices for the first time that there is some fuzz floating in the water.
She starts trying to move away from the fuzz and says "Mama, messy! Mama, messy!"
I said "Don't worry, it's not poop...It's just fuzz".
Big mistake.

In case you don't remember (like I didn't at the moment) Shiloh is afraid of fuzz.
She freaked.
She was trapped IN the tub, alone WITH FUZZ!!!!!!!
Tears, hysterics, trying to escape from the terrible fuzz....which was chasing her around the tub, very similar to the PITT incident...yep.

Probably wasn't really comforting that I was trying to reassure her that she was fine, while I laughed hysterically because it was just such a ludicrous situation!
If you don't laugh, you'd cry at the craziness.
Both of my daughters chased out of the bathtub and sent into hysterics by...TOE FUZZ!

This certainly is not in a child-rearing manual. Afraid of the dark...certainly.
Afraid of strangers...definitely. But the chapter on Toe Fuzz phobia...nope.

I guess I need to add "defuzz toes" to my bathtime preparations from now on.

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