Monday, October 26, 2009

Not Me, Monday!

After a recent trip to Walmart, I did not come home to find that I had worn my jeans with the hole in the knee while out shopping.
These were also not the same jeans I had placed in my closet a while back until I could decide what to do with them...and wearing them out in public was not one of the options either!

I also do not find it super-cute when Shiloh calls me "Dear" instead of "Mama",
"Dear! Dear! you hear it?? wats dat??"

There certainly are not FOUR weekly newspaper puzzles sitting on my countertop. I like my counters clean and definitely would not keep accumulating puzzles instead of realizing that I do not have time to do them and just toss them...No, Not Me!

I also would not let my 3 year old feed our pet fish, it makes a huge mess...what could I be thinking? No, Not Me!

I always make healthy breakfasts for my family. I would never serve them icing-coated cinnamon rolls from a tube! Not Me!

And I certainly would not be so nervous about the cinnamon roll pop canisters, that I hold them far enough away from my face that the neighbors are more likely to get injured than myself if it popped too hard. No, I am a reasonable adult.

Also after placing all the rolls that I do not feed my family into the pan, I wouldn't then read the instructions...which for some reason are always ripped apart by the popping of the canister...and find out I needed to grease the pan first.

When an older woman stopped me yesterday at the grocery store to chat about the girls, I was not so distracted by her vast amounts of nose hair that I cannot remember another single feature about her. Noooo, I am polite and always remember to maintain eye contact!

I also did not have to check myself in the mirror before I brought the trash to the curb....No, certainly Not Me!

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