Friday, October 09, 2009

Not such a spring chicken...

I had a busy day yesterday.

A lot of cleaning, carrying this and that, pulling out my winter clothes and putting away my summer ones...not a moment too soon since there is snow (off and on) in the forecast and I was getting tired of just pairing a hoodie with all my shirts for warmth.

While Shi took her nap I decided to adjust the television antenna since the stations weren't coming in too well recently.

It wasn't too big a deal, just involved standing on a chair (I don't know where DH put my step stool) with my arms up moving the antenna until the stations came in clearer.
Then I noticed that the girls had dropped two of their videos behind the entertainment of Shi's favorites included.
So I leaned to pick up the movies, having to twist my body around the TV, and stretching because they were just out of reach when I suddenly pinched a nerve in my neck.
Pain from my ears to my shoulders!
I had a sudden thought of having to call my DH to pull me out from behind the embarrassing would that be?
So I just loosened my knees enough to sag to the floor trying desperately not to move anything above my waist.
Then I was finally able to move my head and neck a little and release the pinch.
That ached the rest of the day and night, but not bad enough to need Tylenol or anything.

Today my sciatica kicks in. Some how I must have triggered that yesterday.
It developed and plagued me during my pregnancy with Vivian, so now once in awhile it twinges.
But today it was aching.

**Now it's Saturday and my sciatica is still aching. Shiloh had me up most of the night, she was just whining and whining and said her head hurt a few times.
In the wee hours of the morning she starts sniffling.
This morning both girls have colds. Runny noses and sniffling. :(
But Mama is actually wide-awake! Of course this second pot of coffee seems to be helping too.

Did I mention that my coffee pot made coffee at midnight the other day? I haven't been using the timer lately so I never set it, but the coffee maker automatically sets to 12:00 if there is no time selected and the timer button must have been accidentally hit at some point. Ta da! Coffee at midnight!

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