Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Potty training 2

I worked with Vivian on potty training today.
Potty training is so not fun. I wish I had some better tricks up my sleeve, especially considering I just went through all this with Shiloh back in March.
It's a bit different since Vivi is much younger, doesn't talk much, and really doesn't have a treat that she desires.
So I just did a lot of praise and comforting and changing of clothes and scrubbing of floors.
Vivi does have the benefit of having an older sister as an example, and that seems to help.
I brought the chair out into the living room, a more central location, had a cartoon on the TV and I had a hard time keeping Shiloh off the potty!
She thought it was great to sit there and watch her movie, and kept telling me "I potty trainin' "
Yeah....where was that desire 7 months ago, when it really would have helped me??? Now she thinks it's fun?!

I also dug out the parts I need to convert Vivi's crib to a toddler bed. I think I will still wait a bit since she's very, very clingy these days with teething her molars and that doesn't make it a great time to change her bed.
It's also a big deal because the crib converts to a day bed, so that would have to be dismantled and reassembled in Shiloh's room for her and then Vivi would get Shi's toddler bed which is much lower to the ground and has half rails.
So there is potential for Shi's sleep to be disturbed by the change also, but at least I found the step one is done. :)
I'm not pushing Vivi into a toddler bed, she doesn't sleep for very long in her crib anyways but neither of my girls liked the crib much and it's much easier to get them out of my bed and into a toddler bed than into a crib.

I gave Vivian Tylenol before she went to bed last night and that made a much more peaceful night than we've had yet this week.
I found that pacing the floor at night with a fussy 24lb baby made me miserable the next day with sciatic pain...not to mention, how tired I was.
But this morning, the pain was totally gone. Double yay!

Today is rainy and chilly. I probably should put the trash out...but it's rainy and chilly.
Much nicer to sit inside with a cup of tea, and blog, and besides, working on potty-training Vivi means less diapers in the trash so it'll hold til tomorrow, right? ;-)

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