Thursday, October 22, 2009

Summer day in October

Today was such a beautiful day. Sunny and it even reached 70 degrees. :)
I washed and opened every window in the house...I was hoping for a chance to wash them before winter sets in.
The girls had to have their own cloths to help me clean too. Shiloh loves to wash off my piano...which is helpful since it tends to be a dust magnet!
I'm not sure how much washing Vivi did, I just know she shredded her piece of paper towel and that was quite a mess but (lucky Me!) Shiloh cleaned up most of it.

I let Shiloh take her nap an hour late so she could just enjoy the sunshine too. :)
It was so very nice to sit in the porch, knitting, while the girls played with their toys.
Okay, that would be the ideal situation...
Actually I sat down to knit...and Shiloh freaked out about a fly in the porch, Vivi pulled on my yarn, Shiloh got stuck under her toy picnic table, Vivi pooped and stunk up the porch, I changed Vivi's diaper, we all shared an ice cream cone, I wiped the girls faces, Shiloh had to use the potty and needed a drink, and so on.
But it was still nice and I was able to get a few rows of knitting done too. ;-)

I'm making a winter hat for Shiloh and I'm really loving the variegated red yarn I found for it. I have hopes to get a few projects done over the next couple months but we'll see how it goes. :)

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