Monday, October 05, 2009


Vivian had a good Dr's appt. on Thursday.
(Sorry it has taken me so long to update, I wasn't feeling well...I have a goal of two posts today so that should make up for it! ;-)
Vivi is a big least in comparison to Shi.
At 15 months old, she is the same height but about 2 1/2 pounds heavier than Shiloh was at 17 months!
No wonder my arm muscles start quivering when I need to carry her for an extended amount of time! She's a solid baby!

We're taking a wait and see approach with the bit of skin that is between her front teeth, especially since she still only has 4 teeth on top and is so young.
We had quite a long wait before our appt. and the waiting room was just packed with sick kids. ugh!

Fortunately I was able to snag a seat just outside of the room so we weren't in such close contact with everyone and DH stayed home with Shiloh so she wasn't exposed.
Flu is running rampant now (and probable Swine Flu) since the kids went back to school.

I ran to Wal-Mart for more Motrin for Vivian...both in case she had a reaction to her vaccines and for her teething molars, and they were completely and totally out of generic! I've never seen the shelves that empty, and not a display to be found.
There wasn't much of the name-brand stuff either, but I managed to grab a bottle.
I didn't look at the adult Flu medicine stock, but I'm thinking it must be similar.
It's so early in the season too...

Vivi is saying Mama or sometimes Mom-Mom, Dada, Hello (low), and Elmo with regularity. She'll also call me and then pat the refrigerator when she wants a drink, or pat my knee and say "Mmm" when she wants to try what I'm eating.
She shakes her head "No" too, so that helps with communicating as well.

Shiloh told me this morning "Mom look! There's water in my mouth!" she suddenly discovered this. I told her it was drool since there's no way she could say saliva.
Later on in the morning, she pointed to the table. "I want some, I wanta drinka drool" pointing at my glass of water.
She's such a character!

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