Monday, November 30, 2009


Shiloh is a chatterbox!
Her opinion changes often, and she's learning new words so she likes to practice them, she also loves to use a person's name frequently in conversations.
Some of her words/sentences are a little harder to decipher than others....

Like when she told me she didn't like the "Head Doctor".
No000, I guess I wouldn't like a Head Doctor either??
Ohhhhh...not Head Doctor, "Helicopter!"

"Mama! Mama! No tictoe tat! No tictoe tat!" (no tickle cat)
Shiloh still loves to pretend she's a cat and occasionally a puppy on a daily basis.
I made a tuna noodle casserole for dinner tonight, and Vivi and I were enjoying it but Shi didn't even want to try it.
So I said "...Are you a kittycat? Cats just love tunafish!"

Next thing, she's digging in with gusto. She even asked for seconds!
(I put crumbled "Garden Roasted Vegetable" flavored Ritz on top and that made it soo delicious!)

Then she said "Yum Mom! bery good cat food! Yum! i lika cat food!"
LOL, what a kid! (as long as she doesn't repeat that when we're out and about...we're good) ;-)

Not Me, Monday!

Things that we did Not do this week...
When DH showed me the latest bit of electronic equipment he has added to the household, and pointed out the hand-dandy slot for an sd card.
I certainly did not note that the slot would easily fit a wheat cracker that the girls are fond of...or even better, a plastic fork from their play food sets.
No, Not Me!
I certainly do not still have a bag of winter clothes sitting in the bottom of my closet. No, I long ago washed and folded and put away my clothes...neatly.
And, I would never sneeze so loudly that I would startle Vivian badly enough that she would toss her toy straight in the air and burst into tears...
No, Not Me! I always have a lady-like, delicate, sneeze. Ahem!
My 1yr. old did not scream while I was in the shower, so that I had to run into her room dripping and soapy and clad only in a find that she was screaming for no apparent reason.
Then my 3yr. old told me I looked beautiful, which did not make it all better...well, once I got the shampoo out of my eyes. ;-)
When DH called to tell me that his aunt and uncle were stopping over at our house in a few minutes, I did not quickly straighten up the house except for the laundry room...only to have them walk right into the laundry room.
No, that did not happen.
There also did not also happen to be a huge load of laundry drying in there.
No, that wouldn't happen to me...No, Not Me!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Shopping (sans crowds)

I hope everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving as much as I did. :)
Always so good to enjoy my Mom's cooking...and vast amounts of it at that!

Vivi was refusing to eat until I shoved a bit of mandarin orange in her mouth, after that she ate pretty well and tried some stuffing and sweet potatoes and more oranges and mixed fruit.
She also took a nice long nap on the couch next to my Grandma, while the other children ran around.
Shi didn't all, not even on the car ride home.
Oddly enough, she gets rather hyper when she's overtired....then crashes.
She slept for 13 hours last night! She had to make up for missing her usual long naps.

Our table has been delivered to the furniture store! I'm so excited, I want to run over to the store and just look at it. lol.
It's not being delivered *here* until next week though, because DH wants to be here when it arrives...which I do appreciate but still, I'm impatient.
It did give me time to finish up my extra shopping today though and take advantage of some good online deals.
I'm not one to venture out on Black Friday...especially with the crowds and swine flu so rampant here.

I was able to get the rest of the chair cushions and a pad to protect the table (goes under the tablecloth) with free shipping so that was really nice.
I also bought some shoes for Shiloh online. I'm a bit nervous about that since she doesn't get to try them on, but I got her a larger size to allow for comfort/growth/and manufacturing differences and they have "Dora" on them so she'll be happy with the appearance aspect of them as well.
They're also hightops so hopefully we won't have so many occurrences of shoes falling off, plus I love the nostalgia. :)
I loved my first hightops, I thought they were so cool and I still remember that. lol.
In retrospect they probably made me look really short, especially since I'm not that tall to begin with...but I can't very well get Shi some platforms so we'll stick with the Dora hightops for now.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

More Christmas prep

Vivian's two molars are coming in nicely now.
One is almost fully in and the other close behind it. I checked her teeth the other day to see how well they were doing and discovered now her whole upper gum is swollen and lumpy.
I almost cried. :(
The gum is so swollen that I can't even determine which teeth are really the cause, molars or canines...or maybe just the whole caboodle.
I was sooooooooooo hoping that any additional teething would wait until after Christmas.
It really seemed to start bothering her yesterday and since then she's been gnawing on frozen washcloths and velcroed to my leg, and just pretty irritable.

At least she's still been eating pretty well. She loves mini cheese rice cakes and still is a fan of pasta.

We had to run out to the post office this morning and there had to be at least 6 people lined up by the door before they opened! 'Tis the season!
I managed to finish my Christmas decorating today while Shiloh napped, and even took the girls Christmas pictures.
Many, many, outtakes....some tears (Vivi burst into tears when I took her off the couch ever so briefly), and maybe somewhere in the jumble...a usable picture, dare I hope?

Monday, November 23, 2009

Not Me, Monday!

It's Not Me, Monday time again. yay!
Some things that we have "not" been doing...

While shopping this week for a dining set, I certainly did Not crawl under any tables to read the labels pasted underneath....No, Not Me!

I also did Not send our salesman off to search on random prices so that DH and I could talk alone without a salesman hovering over our shoulders, and I certainly did not think for even a second, the totally random thought....when I noted our new table would "only" seat 6-7 people...but what if I have triplets then what will I do?
...which then did not send me into a panic about any possibility of ever having triplets...Not Me!

I am Not now super-impatient for my new table set...and I also did not already purchase cushions and tablecloths for a table that hasn't arrived yet...Noooo.

While preparing for my Dad's birthday party, my Mom and I certainly Did Not make matching cakes without each other knowing, the same colors and even same writing and styles...

I also certainly did not eat a bowl of ice cream when it was in the 30-40's outside and then huddle under a huge blanket next to the heater because I was cold...No, Not Me!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

I'm not just a member...

I am a part of a secret club.
A club mostly unknown by people who don't have young children and who pay attention to things like "calendars" and the proper sequence of holidays...
I must confess, I am a full-fledged member of the "Covert Early Christmas Decorators Club" or CECDC (say that 5x fast...c'mon try it!) ;-)

Yes, our tree is up already (artificial, of course), the stockings are out, the Christmas village is set out and a great mound of green garland sets on my counter waiting to be wrapped around the banister.
DH set the timer to light up the tree for only a couple hours a day so far and suggested that I close the blinds when the lights go on "so the neighbors don't think we're weird".
Hmm...yeah, it really would concern me if the neighbor who uses a leaf blower on his roof thinks that I am weird...

Anyways, DH keeps asking me to check and see if other people have decorated for Christmas yet on my drives to see my parents.
Today, I visited with my family to celebrate my Dad's birthday and on the drive home I remembered to look for decorations.
I saw a few! I did!...behind curtains and in the back parts of houses.
Yes, Christmas lights concealed behind curtains and blinds, others like us....the ever-elusive early holiday revelers.
The secret underground of Christmas.
We're out there, and we're just waiting for

Shiloh's favorite game now is handing me an imaginary present that I pretend to unwrap and exclaim over while she beams in pride at finding me the perfect gift, and then I hand her an invisible gift and on it goes...Vivi even plays. :)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Table Talk

We bought a dining set! Yay!
This was supposed to be our Anniversary present to ourselves, but now it will be Anniversary/Christmas present I think, especially since our Anniversary was way back in July!
It's definitely time too, we accepted a free second-hand table when we moved into our first house, then we put folding chairs around it to "make do".
Two busy working people, then two children coming along, then moving...and just life in general and replacing it with a "real" set was pushed pretty low on our lists of priorities.

I am excited now though!
The table we chose has a bench on one side, so I just priced and ordered a cushion to fit it. Because of the design of the bench though I'll probably have to sew up some ties to attach the cushion to the bench...we're also thinking of using some rubber backing to prevent the cushion from slipping around, but as I have neither bench nor cushion in my hands at the moment it's hard to figure out just yet.

The furniture store had a large flatscreen television that was playing some type of coral reef and tropical aquarium footage.
Shi loved it! She chattered non-stop!
"wat's dat? wat's dat? Oooh, Nemo!!" (there were some clown fish)
There was also a part where the various fish were attacking a crab, DH and I were looking at each other, thinking this is a rather violent aquarium video, and Shiloh started giggling in glee. "dey eatin' crab! haha! Ooh, dey eatin' crab!"

I am now working on a scarf to match the hat that I knitted for Shiloh. It will be the same red variegated yarn as the hat with black flower accents. Cute! (if I do say so myself) ;-)

Vivian has started climbing on everything, she's getting taller so that means she's able to climb on more things. Ugh, it's rather heart-stopping to turn around and finding her standing on top of something!
She's pretty terrified of the vacuum cleaner though. I try to vacuum during their naps since I know she's scared. We have a bagless vacuum so yesterday I took it all apart and washed all of the filters and various pieces.
I had the vacuum sitting in the kitchen while the filters dried, and once Vivi saw it was there she wouldn't walk into the kitchen at all the entire time the vacuum was there.
Cleaning the vacuum was a pain, it made me think maybe changing bags isn't so bad?
Then all these pieces come apart for cleaning, but by the time they dried I had forgotten how they all fit back together.
So I kept putting it together in various configurations but there were these two odd pieces. Hmm...I knew they were in there before so maybe if I turn this doohickey or maybe these pieces fit together?
I kept at it until I fit all the pieces back in without aid of a hammer or glue....then put the vacuum away and decided maybe DH should be the next one to vacuum...uh yep.
(BTW: He did vacuum today and it worked fine, so ta da!)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Not Me, Monday!

Yay, Not Me Monday is back! If you haven't been following Stellan's story (his Mother is the creator of Not Me Mondays) it has been remarkable.
God has worked an amazing miracle in this baby boy. :)
Let's see we did not buy more fish to keep our "lonely" single fish company...only to find out that our first fish is quite aggressive and was not looking for company but rather wanted to practice his piranha impression on the new fish!
(he is now in solitary confinement...without possibility of parole)
I would never insist on having the treadmill set up and ready for me to exercise, and then let it collect dust and serve as a toy storage area....No, Not Me!
Shaking out my couch covers, does not make me extremely thankful that I have couch covers...No, my kiddos are neat and tidy children, and me too!
I do not sincerely wish that Vivian would find a lovey she'll stop carrying around the door snake.
While making "Blueberry Boy Bait", I did not attempt to whip the egg whites by hand because I didn't want to dirty more dishes by using the mixer. Not Me!
Of course I would realize that washing a few more dishes was not as tiring as trying to whip egg whites to peaks by hand!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Do you hear what I hear?

I've been quite busy the past few days.
I sewed up three more sets of curtains for the house. These were very long curtains so I needed to lay out the material on the floor for measuring since my tables weren't long enough, and that meant I had the added task of keeping the girls off of the fabric while I was measuring too!

I sewed up curtains for one of the bathrooms yesterday, and after DH came out of the room I asked him what he thought. *ahem* Typical guy, he hadn't even noticed!

I made curtains for the other bathroom today during Shiloh's nap. First time she went in there she said "oooh, new curtains! bery nice!" Then she even noticed the brand new towel I had hung up, and commented on that. I love that girl! :)

We took the girls to Lowe's the other day, and while DH was looking at boring orange & black, dusty electrical appliance-type things....I took the girls over to the Christmas department.
The girls were so awestruck! There were many blow-up decorations that moved and had fake snow on display, Moving and singing carolers as big as Vivian.
They had a Christmas City...not a little village, there was even a miniature working Ferris wheel and merry-go-round!
It was amazing! The girls also loved the Disney Princess decorations, they had globes where a princess spun and played music, and ones where fake glittery snow swirled around them.
As soon as I saw the girls excitement and saw that their Daddy saw their excitement too....I knew he wasn't going to be able to wait much longer to start pulling out the decorations.

Honestly, I was tempted to pull them out myself...the girls were just so enthralled by it all. :)

Ta da! We now have our Christmas village set Ferris wheels though.

The stores were playing Christmas songs already too and Shi kept asking me "you hear it? you hear Crickiss?" lol

Despite her painful teething, Vivi is really starting to eat more. She gets her bib down from her highchair to let me know she wants to eat. I gave her part of a grilled ham and cheese sandwich right now and she is dismantling it....

She doesn't talk very much, but she really surprises me with what she understands and her ways of communicating.
I told her to wait because I needed a tissue first then I would help her with something, and she grabbed her nose and started making blowing noises!
I commented that I had to move the pumpkins and she ran into the next room to the pumpkins and started moving them.
Vivi was play cooking yesterday, and she stirred the spoon in the pot and then she'd blow on the spoon, then stir again, then blow, then pretend to taste.

*Then she pretended to serve her food onto her foot...but lets not go there. ;)

Today she was coughing, then started fake coughing and tried to pat her own back. lol. The farthest she could reach was more like patting her behind, so then she started patting her belly instead. cough, cough, pat, pat. :)

I tried a new recipe this morning "Blueberry Boy Bait" Not that we're looking at all to lure or bait any boys here! But it is a delicious recipe...though the girls don't care for it since they're not fans of blueberries.

Here is a picture of the hat I knitted for Shiloh. The flowers are crocheted and they took me a ridiculously long time to make since I kept making mistakes. lol.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Parenting at the break of dawn

Shiloh woke up around 4:30 this morning calling for me and needing to use the bathroom.
I helped her with that, tucked her back in bed and climb back into my own bed.
"Is she asleep already?" DH asks.
"I don't know, I just put her back in her bed." I reply.
DH: "She let you walk away?"
Me: "I don't hear anything so that's good. But if you hear anything, I don't want to hear it."

Good thing I went right back to sleep too, so I was well-rested when Vivi started screaming an hour later, which was surely teething-related.
DH: "Just put her on the floor and let her play."
Hmm, the dark floor of our bedroom? I'm pretty sure she didn't wake up because she was bored....
I brought her downstairs and finally got her to fall asleep on the couch with me...just about in time for Shiloh to wake up for the day.
Sleep...uh yeah, who needs that? highly overrated...

This morning Vivian figured out if she pinches her nose, she can make a snorting noise. She thinks it is the funniest thing and really it is quite hysterical.
She also managed to get her leg stuck in her little lawn chair today. She was standing there with her leg through the seat of the chair, and she's swinging her stuck leg wildly while making mad noises.
Reminded me so much of a mad cat, when they're really upset and will just sit there but their tails will be swishing furiously. lol

She fell down and apparently hurt her hand earlier today too. She came running over to me whining with her hand outstretched. She then tapped her hand on my lips and ran off giggling and happily playing again.
It's one of those developments of motherhood - Mother's instinct, wider hips, and magical healing kisses...

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Countdown to Criss-tiss

We took the girls out grocery shopping this morning.
I was getting low on a lot of baking staples especially.
Shi really gets into shopping now, rearranging the contents of the cart, sitting on the butter, commenting on the coldness of the frozen products. Helping to put items on the conveyor belt is probably her favorite part though, and Vivi is usually in charge of holding/dropping/chewing/crumpling my shopping list.

DH and I were pleasantly surprised to find a kitchen set on sale at the store too, it was a really good price so we picked one up for the girls for Christmas.
Shiloh was so so so excited! She talked and thanked us non-stop in the store, the whole ride home and until her Daddy finally put the box away.

"Thank you Mommy! Thank you Mama! Thank you DaDa!"

"I gonna make coffee, I gonna make cake!"

"I love Criss-tiss!"

She was just so incredibly excited and kept hugging us too. It was just too precious!
It's making me anticipate Christmas myself, seeing her face now I can't wait to see her reaction on Christmas morning.
I'm surprised at how much it takes me back to that same feeling of excitement and anticipation I had as a child, regarding the whole holiday season. I feel it all again the same just looking at her sweet face. :)

She even wanted to watch "White Criss-tiss" tonight and was singing along with the songs. :)

She was so excited the other day when I let her pick out a simple toy at the Dollar Store that two other shoppers there commented on just how happy she was. :-D

Vivian gets caught up in Shi's excitement too, though she doesn't quite understand yet and still doesn't feel great with teething.
I can feel several points of one molar that have cut through (hopefully to stay) and she has a big blister on the gum of the other side where that molar should be coming through...eventually.
She's chewing on e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g! I even had to confiscate some of Shiloh's toys that had survived so far but Vivi's latest bout of chewing was starting to leave marks on even those.

We were reading through the Sunday paper this morning as a family, even Vivian had a flier that she'd flip through. Shiloh pounced on a toy catalog and chattered about every little thing she spied in there. She's turning into quite a chatterbox.

One of Shi's favorite games is to make a noise and have me guess what the noise is. Vivi loves this too, especially if she recognizes meowing or barking, then she'll start making those noises too and crawling around. Tonight, Shi was making some strange squawking noise.

I couldn't guess what it was...Shiloh informed me that it was a Turkey. okay.

Then she made an odd tweeting noise....that was a butterfly.

Then she made no noise at all and asked me what it was....not a clue.

That was a tree.

Oh, she is a character.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Bugs bug us!

I'm up, well I and the girls are up, particularly early this morning.
Shiloh woke me by calling me...repeatedly.
She didn't fall back asleep like I was hoping, instead she got louder which threaten to wake the rest of the family.
I stumbled blearily to her room, cold bare feet and no bathrobe, my foggy mind didn't think to grab those.
"Good morning! Good morning, Mama!" she greeted me like some cheery sprite.
I blink at the darkness trying to make out her shape.
"It's not morning, it's nighttime." I mutter.
Shi looks at the clock on her dresser, "It 9 and 12"
"It's six o'clock, Shiloh"
"Oh. Good morning, Mama!"
"Good morning, Shiloh"

So I am up making coffee, making breakfasts, and paying bills before 7am. though I think paying bills should probably wait until at least my second cup of joe. probably.

My sister's birthday is tomorrow, Happy Birthday!
I haven't yet decided how old I'm going to let her be, you know just that right number that doesn't make me as the older sister sound too old. ;-)

We were watching some different wildlife on television yesterday and they showed some Madagascar cockroaches. Shiloh did not like those at all!
She kept saying "i no touch bug! i no touch bug!"
She is definitely not a bug girl. She still freaks out about fuzz or dust bunnies...and the other day she almost fell over trying to get away from a gnat.
Hmm, wonder where she gets her irrational fear of insects from?? any clues? lol

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Feed me!

DH is back, safely. :)
The girls followed him around the house the first night just saying "Dada, Dada, Dada!"
I am proud of myself for handling everything on my own for awhile. Gathering and putting out the trash, finding things in the basement...

My husband thinks it's really funny that I leaned the ironing board against the door at added security, lol.
Guard the door, Ironing Board....good boy!

I went out to vote this morning, I had a new polling place to go to since we moved and also a new way of voting but I figured it all out. :)
It was a little hard for DH to distract Vivi long enough for me to slip out the door this morning, and she greeted me with "Mama, Mama, Mama" the second she saw I came back. lol.

The girls are still adjusting to the time they have me up an hour earlier, but Shi is also telling me she's sleepy and asking for her bed an hour earlier so it's not too rough.

Shiloh also must be going through some growth spurt. I've been hearing non-stop "I sooo hungry!" and she eats and eats. She does turn down foods that she doesn't feel like though, but it seems like she'll eat all day of a variety.
The other day when we were out shopping. Shi started with the "I soo hungry! Mama, I sooooo hungry!" pitiful pleading.
I had brought just my purse with me but I had a granola bar in there. She ate the entire thing herself....then started with the "Mama, I sooo hungry!" again.
I also had a little bag of fruit snacks but she didn't want those so through out the rest of my shopping trip, I had this tiny pleading girl in my cart.
Mind you, it was only about 11am and she had a full breakfast before we left....and how big is her stomach anyways??
She must really have a hollow leg, there is no other place to put all this food that she consumes!
I can picture my next shopping trip...with my tiny purse, and a duffel bag containing just Shiloh's mid-morning snack. lol.