Monday, November 30, 2009


Shiloh is a chatterbox!
Her opinion changes often, and she's learning new words so she likes to practice them, she also loves to use a person's name frequently in conversations.
Some of her words/sentences are a little harder to decipher than others....

Like when she told me she didn't like the "Head Doctor".
No000, I guess I wouldn't like a Head Doctor either??
Ohhhhh...not Head Doctor, "Helicopter!"

"Mama! Mama! No tictoe tat! No tictoe tat!" (no tickle cat)
Shiloh still loves to pretend she's a cat and occasionally a puppy on a daily basis.
I made a tuna noodle casserole for dinner tonight, and Vivi and I were enjoying it but Shi didn't even want to try it.
So I said "...Are you a kittycat? Cats just love tunafish!"

Next thing, she's digging in with gusto. She even asked for seconds!
(I put crumbled "Garden Roasted Vegetable" flavored Ritz on top and that made it soo delicious!)

Then she said "Yum Mom! bery good cat food! Yum! i lika cat food!"
LOL, what a kid! (as long as she doesn't repeat that when we're out and about...we're good) ;-)

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