Sunday, November 08, 2009

Countdown to Criss-tiss

We took the girls out grocery shopping this morning.
I was getting low on a lot of baking staples especially.
Shi really gets into shopping now, rearranging the contents of the cart, sitting on the butter, commenting on the coldness of the frozen products. Helping to put items on the conveyor belt is probably her favorite part though, and Vivi is usually in charge of holding/dropping/chewing/crumpling my shopping list.

DH and I were pleasantly surprised to find a kitchen set on sale at the store too, it was a really good price so we picked one up for the girls for Christmas.
Shiloh was so so so excited! She talked and thanked us non-stop in the store, the whole ride home and until her Daddy finally put the box away.

"Thank you Mommy! Thank you Mama! Thank you DaDa!"

"I gonna make coffee, I gonna make cake!"

"I love Criss-tiss!"

She was just so incredibly excited and kept hugging us too. It was just too precious!
It's making me anticipate Christmas myself, seeing her face now I can't wait to see her reaction on Christmas morning.
I'm surprised at how much it takes me back to that same feeling of excitement and anticipation I had as a child, regarding the whole holiday season. I feel it all again the same just looking at her sweet face. :)

She even wanted to watch "White Criss-tiss" tonight and was singing along with the songs. :)

She was so excited the other day when I let her pick out a simple toy at the Dollar Store that two other shoppers there commented on just how happy she was. :-D

Vivian gets caught up in Shi's excitement too, though she doesn't quite understand yet and still doesn't feel great with teething.
I can feel several points of one molar that have cut through (hopefully to stay) and she has a big blister on the gum of the other side where that molar should be coming through...eventually.
She's chewing on e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g! I even had to confiscate some of Shiloh's toys that had survived so far but Vivi's latest bout of chewing was starting to leave marks on even those.

We were reading through the Sunday paper this morning as a family, even Vivian had a flier that she'd flip through. Shiloh pounced on a toy catalog and chattered about every little thing she spied in there. She's turning into quite a chatterbox.

One of Shi's favorite games is to make a noise and have me guess what the noise is. Vivi loves this too, especially if she recognizes meowing or barking, then she'll start making those noises too and crawling around. Tonight, Shi was making some strange squawking noise.

I couldn't guess what it was...Shiloh informed me that it was a Turkey. okay.

Then she made an odd tweeting noise....that was a butterfly.

Then she made no noise at all and asked me what it was....not a clue.

That was a tree.

Oh, she is a character.

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