Saturday, November 21, 2009

I'm not just a member...

I am a part of a secret club.
A club mostly unknown by people who don't have young children and who pay attention to things like "calendars" and the proper sequence of holidays...
I must confess, I am a full-fledged member of the "Covert Early Christmas Decorators Club" or CECDC (say that 5x fast...c'mon try it!) ;-)

Yes, our tree is up already (artificial, of course), the stockings are out, the Christmas village is set out and a great mound of green garland sets on my counter waiting to be wrapped around the banister.
DH set the timer to light up the tree for only a couple hours a day so far and suggested that I close the blinds when the lights go on "so the neighbors don't think we're weird".
Hmm...yeah, it really would concern me if the neighbor who uses a leaf blower on his roof thinks that I am weird...

Anyways, DH keeps asking me to check and see if other people have decorated for Christmas yet on my drives to see my parents.
Today, I visited with my family to celebrate my Dad's birthday and on the drive home I remembered to look for decorations.
I saw a few! I did!...behind curtains and in the back parts of houses.
Yes, Christmas lights concealed behind curtains and blinds, others like us....the ever-elusive early holiday revelers.
The secret underground of Christmas.
We're out there, and we're just waiting for

Shiloh's favorite game now is handing me an imaginary present that I pretend to unwrap and exclaim over while she beams in pride at finding me the perfect gift, and then I hand her an invisible gift and on it goes...Vivi even plays. :)

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