Monday, November 23, 2009

Not Me, Monday!

It's Not Me, Monday time again. yay!
Some things that we have "not" been doing...

While shopping this week for a dining set, I certainly did Not crawl under any tables to read the labels pasted underneath....No, Not Me!

I also did Not send our salesman off to search on random prices so that DH and I could talk alone without a salesman hovering over our shoulders, and I certainly did not think for even a second, the totally random thought....when I noted our new table would "only" seat 6-7 people...but what if I have triplets then what will I do?
...which then did not send me into a panic about any possibility of ever having triplets...Not Me!

I am Not now super-impatient for my new table set...and I also did not already purchase cushions and tablecloths for a table that hasn't arrived yet...Noooo.

While preparing for my Dad's birthday party, my Mom and I certainly Did Not make matching cakes without each other knowing, the same colors and even same writing and styles...

I also certainly did not eat a bowl of ice cream when it was in the 30-40's outside and then huddle under a huge blanket next to the heater because I was cold...No, Not Me!


harmonysong said...

triplets? ahhhhh!!!!!

Jenilee said...

I do that with ice cream. I get so cold and have to eat it with a blanket on! :) it sure is yummy though!

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

Ice cream on a cold night... why does that *always* sound appetizing to me?

I hope you post pictures of your new table set. It sounds beautiful!