Monday, November 30, 2009

Not Me, Monday!

Things that we did Not do this week...
When DH showed me the latest bit of electronic equipment he has added to the household, and pointed out the hand-dandy slot for an sd card.
I certainly did not note that the slot would easily fit a wheat cracker that the girls are fond of...or even better, a plastic fork from their play food sets.
No, Not Me!
I certainly do not still have a bag of winter clothes sitting in the bottom of my closet. No, I long ago washed and folded and put away my clothes...neatly.
And, I would never sneeze so loudly that I would startle Vivian badly enough that she would toss her toy straight in the air and burst into tears...
No, Not Me! I always have a lady-like, delicate, sneeze. Ahem!
My 1yr. old did not scream while I was in the shower, so that I had to run into her room dripping and soapy and clad only in a find that she was screaming for no apparent reason.
Then my 3yr. old told me I looked beautiful, which did not make it all better...well, once I got the shampoo out of my eyes. ;-)
When DH called to tell me that his aunt and uncle were stopping over at our house in a few minutes, I did not quickly straighten up the house except for the laundry room...only to have them walk right into the laundry room.
No, that did not happen.
There also did not also happen to be a huge load of laundry drying in there.
No, that wouldn't happen to me...No, Not Me!


jmberrygirl said...

Laundry room should be off limits to guests. I for one would DIE if my in-laws saw that pit of filth! =)

Erin said...

Stopped by from McMama's. I agree laundry rooms are totally off limits and do not count when cleaning for last minute guests!