Thursday, November 19, 2009

Table Talk

We bought a dining set! Yay!
This was supposed to be our Anniversary present to ourselves, but now it will be Anniversary/Christmas present I think, especially since our Anniversary was way back in July!
It's definitely time too, we accepted a free second-hand table when we moved into our first house, then we put folding chairs around it to "make do".
Two busy working people, then two children coming along, then moving...and just life in general and replacing it with a "real" set was pushed pretty low on our lists of priorities.

I am excited now though!
The table we chose has a bench on one side, so I just priced and ordered a cushion to fit it. Because of the design of the bench though I'll probably have to sew up some ties to attach the cushion to the bench...we're also thinking of using some rubber backing to prevent the cushion from slipping around, but as I have neither bench nor cushion in my hands at the moment it's hard to figure out just yet.

The furniture store had a large flatscreen television that was playing some type of coral reef and tropical aquarium footage.
Shi loved it! She chattered non-stop!
"wat's dat? wat's dat? Oooh, Nemo!!" (there were some clown fish)
There was also a part where the various fish were attacking a crab, DH and I were looking at each other, thinking this is a rather violent aquarium video, and Shiloh started giggling in glee. "dey eatin' crab! haha! Ooh, dey eatin' crab!"

I am now working on a scarf to match the hat that I knitted for Shiloh. It will be the same red variegated yarn as the hat with black flower accents. Cute! (if I do say so myself) ;-)

Vivian has started climbing on everything, she's getting taller so that means she's able to climb on more things. Ugh, it's rather heart-stopping to turn around and finding her standing on top of something!
She's pretty terrified of the vacuum cleaner though. I try to vacuum during their naps since I know she's scared. We have a bagless vacuum so yesterday I took it all apart and washed all of the filters and various pieces.
I had the vacuum sitting in the kitchen while the filters dried, and once Vivi saw it was there she wouldn't walk into the kitchen at all the entire time the vacuum was there.
Cleaning the vacuum was a pain, it made me think maybe changing bags isn't so bad?
Then all these pieces come apart for cleaning, but by the time they dried I had forgotten how they all fit back together.
So I kept putting it together in various configurations but there were these two odd pieces. Hmm...I knew they were in there before so maybe if I turn this doohickey or maybe these pieces fit together?
I kept at it until I fit all the pieces back in without aid of a hammer or glue....then put the vacuum away and decided maybe DH should be the next one to vacuum...uh yep.
(BTW: He did vacuum today and it worked fine, so ta da!)

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