Sunday, December 27, 2009

Our Christmas

On Christmas Eve we had a few errands to run, wow was it insane out there.

Apparently a lot of hunters are Christmas Eve shoppers.
Saw a lot of plaid.
Heard a lot of conversations that went something like this:
"Did you get anything this year?"
"Naw, I went out with Bob a few times though"
"Bob! Bob shoots anything that moves! I wouldn't go out with Bob!"
"Naw, Bob didn't git nuttin'."
"Once I get this shoppin' done, I'm going out again.... The old lady wanted some slippers."

I guess the woods are safe on Christmas least until the stores close. ;-)
But seriously, the express check-out lanes had longer lines than the regular check-out lanes...and the toy aisles were a wreck. Grocery shopping was only slightly better, but the traffic was crazy.

Christmas morning we enjoyed both blueberry and chocolate chip pancakes and a hash brown scramble. I colored the pancakes with red food coloring and that was enough to get Shiloh interested in eating even with all the Christmas excitement. Pink pancakes! Like a Princess would eat! :)

Unfortunately Shiloh was scared when she opened up a gift from one of DH's coworkers which turned out to be the "Little Mommy Baby Knows" doll.

It sings and talks in two different languages.Shiloh opened up the package...saw the legs and the doll started talking and it totally freaked her out!

She ran behind me so fast that she left her shoe behind, and wouldn't come out from behind me until DH put the doll away upstairs and told her he threw it away. (We returned the doll to the store today and we'll get her something less traumatizing).

I didn't realize how badly it scared her, but even today she doesn't want to see any packages, and doesn't even like the picture of the doll (when I was searching for it to put on here).

Something "chucky-ish" in those eyes, I guess?

We had a nice family gathering at my parents. A delicious ham dinner and a great time visiting, and an overabundance of gifts. :)

We took down the Christmas tree yesterday...needed the room for the girls' toys! :) We set up the girls' kitchen and they got a bunch of play food so we've been having a lot of fun. There is a slice of American cheese and it looks sooo real! I was asking the girls who left a piece of cheese in the living room...then I realized it was plastic! lol

Then later on, Shiloh comes to me complaining that the cheese is hard and she can't eat it and she was trying to chew on it! :-D

Big News! Vivian pooped on the potty!! At 18 months old!! She did that this morning, and we made a big celebration about it. yay!!! :)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sugar high for the eyes

My Christmas baking is completed! Yay!

I made Santa's Thumbprints... (also pictured are sugar cookies before the frosting)

The large sugar cookies decorated....

The smaller sugar cookies, and my Christmas caterpillar/butterfly/maybe cat-like things... (uh, my snowman shapes looked a little crooked and butter shortening doesn't make white, white frosting...and dingy-white, crooked, snowmen are not really that appealing. So Ta da! The creation of the Christmas caterpillar!)

Cranberry Chocolate-Chip cookies....yum!

Chocolate Biscotti! (picture looks a little funny, but they really do look nice)

I also made Cheesecake brownies. Started to run out of pans and containers and counter space!
Is your mouth watering yet? :-)
Shiloh had one small...very small, frosted sugar cookie and she was bouncing off the walls!
Maybe that's why the children in the story just has visions of sugar plums in their heads...if they had actually eaten the sugarplums, they wouldn't have been nestled all snug in their beds, they would have been bouncing off the walls in a sugar high and that doesn't really sound like a nice Christmas does it?

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Chaos

Today marks one week since I weaned Vivian.
She is eating foods and drinking milk and water really well now. She does tend to wake up when DH gets home and she is starving for a late-night dinner then, and sometimes she wakes up early in the morning really thirsty (she gets water).

I am still in pain, can't lay on either side or my belly at night, and still have the ability to flood all land below sea-level.
Not sure how long this will last...

I'm in the final Christmas crunch now. Wrapped a bunch of presents, and made four different varieties of cookies...but I still have more presents left to wrap and more cookies to bake and lots of cookie decorating left to do.
Somewhere around about the time that Vivian grabbed a container of Ovaltine and tried to use it as a stool to reach the Christmas village....I realized that I have no time to fiddle with cookies shaped like Christmas trees, stars, angels, or little men, etc.
Soooo my cookies are all shaped like snowballs, the sun, the moon, wheels, oranges, the globe....(you get the idea)

After all my baking is done, my kitchen floor will need a thorough vacuuming and scrubbing not just because of the inevitable flour and sugar that end up there during a busy baking day....but also because Shiloh was prancing like a fairy and bumped into Vivian's bowl of cereal which exploded everywhere.
(thankfully no milk was involved!!!!)

Shiloh was telling me earlier today that she didn't want any "quinnins".
O-k-a-y, I don't know what a quinnin is sooo you don't have to have any.
Then she went on and on about how Bibian was eating quinnins but she didn't want to eat quinnins.
Vivian was eating raisins. lol. (yes, finally one of my children will eat raisins!)

Shiloh was sitting her bath tonight and she said "Ho, Ho, Ho! hear it? what is it?"
"I don't know, Shi, what is it?"
"It's a flying reindeer!" :-D

She's always coming up with something.
After she had a bm the other day, she looked in the toilet and said "Mama, it looks like eels!"
We saw quite a few...uh, muddy-looking eels in Singapore....ah, memories. lol

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dental drive

Vivian is doing pretty well with weaning, she took a decent nap yesterday and her bedtime was in a normal time span.
She woke up fussing around 4am but fell back asleep easier than the day before so things are progressing well with weaning.

Early this morning was her dentist appt.
Thankfully the roads were clear and the weather calm....though bitter cold!
I was able to find the dentist's office without too much trouble, despite driving unfamiliar roads in the dark (we were up before the sun).

Her appt. went very well. She was so good too...happy and pointing out her body parts, bouncing to the Christmas music they had playing and clapping her hands.
She received a quick fluoride treatment and we're just going to be keeping a watchful eye on her teeth. She doesn't need to have them checked again until March. Yay!

While we were at the dentist's office, a little girl came in with a Christmas-related dental problem. She was only about 3-4yrs. old, but very petite and fine-boned...and just adorable.
Apparently a little boy was pretending his candy cane was a sword and poked her in the mouth, which bloodied her lip and chipped her tooth! Poor thing.

Afterwards we went to Target so we could get some stuff we needed and pick up the Fluoride rinse that the dentist recommended for both girls. I never would have bought it otherwise as it says for ages 6 and up!
For Vivi, I'm supposed to use a cotton swab to apply it to her teeth. Shiloh is supposed to swish it around her mouth and spit it out. It has a bubblegum flavor and I cannot see getting her to spit it least not yet as we've not even practiced her spitting out anything.
So after brushing, I just dipped her toothbrush into a little of the rinse and brushed it on her teeth...hopefully that will work enough for now.

Shiloh has been wearing a lot of dresses paired with jeans. She loves wearing dresses but it's just so cold! (-3 here this morning) Whenever Shiloh wears a dress she thinks it makes her an instant Princess.

I asked her to help pick up books that Vivian had taken off the shelf. "Princesses pick up books?" she asked

"Yes, they do."

As soon as she had the books picked up, Vivian came around and started bringing them out again.

Shiloh runs over shouting "Bibian! Bibian! I watchin' you!"

She knows if you've been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake! :-D

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Looking for a rainbow

Today Vivian is 18 months old. 1 1/2 years!
The time flies when you have children, I guess there's no way around that. They just change and learn and grow so much in a tiny span of time.
Today is also our first full day of weaning.
It's bittersweet. I do love nursing and the bonding. Today was the first day she didn't have that sweet milky breath that I adore.
She smelled like bananas and animal crackers...which is also endearing in its own way.

I'm trying to focus on the positives of weaning though.
I realized that I have been either pregnant, pregnant and nursing, or just breastfeeding for the entire past 4 years!
I think my body does deserve a little rest and time to just take care of itself.
Four years.
I can wear dresses again (if I can find them, they are so buried in my closet).
Nightgowns, and snug shirts, and real, real, bras!
If I'm ill....I can take medicine! Real medicine...the wonderful kind that knocks you right out!
I can pile on the scented lotions and perfumes, normally people can still wear those and nurse but with both girls having eczema problems and the close contact of nursing, I was pretty cautious with applying those.

Once my own Niagara falls has dried up, I'll be able to enjoy oatmeal again and especially oatmeal cookies without fear of flooding the earth in a milk bath.

Vivi is doing well. She fell asleep surprisingly easy tonight.
She can say "cheese" now and asks for that when she wants. Still having trouble getting her to like cow's milk, with or without Ovaltine depends on her mood. She loves water though and the list of foods that she likes is increasingly daily.

Vivi has a dentist appt. tomorrow. A few of her teeth are suffering from her frequent night nursings. I feel horrible about it, if I knew I could/would have prevented this.
Both of my girls have been boob-aholics, and loved nursing above other foods and drinks.
Vivi is a bit more extreme I think because of her personality. At 18 months old she is soo much more of a baby than Shiloh was at 12mos.
Her temper at having her milk denied her...not so much baby though! Whew!
We're weaning cold-turkey, rough on Mama's body but I think the easiest for Vivi to understand at her age and with her personality.
It would tick her off more to be allowed to nurse sometimes but then denied other times. We'll just push through and get it done all at once.
I'm trying sage and peppermint teas to hopefully help dry up the fountains more quickly and easily.
Just in case though...anybody know where I can get an ark?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

An elf's work is never done...

Yesterday it snowed and then snowed some more. Today it's mostly windy but we did get a few flurries too.

So after my sleep-deprived night/day yesterday...What did I do but stay up until 2am helping DH assemble the girls' kitchen set for Christmas!
Surprisingly, I'm not as exhausted as I thought I would be. Coffee is good. :)

I figured out why the kitchen was soo inexpensive...they didn't do squat at the factory! Every little, itty-bitty piece required assembly!
Vivi was awake, off and on, during that time since her teeth were bothering her so she got a little playing time with the set before we tucked it away until Christmas.
The set has little red stovetop burners that light up when you turn the knob. (Of course all Christmas toys require's a given!)
Vivi kept turning the knob to light up the burners, then when they glowed she'd start blowing on the burners until the light went out again.
It was so funny!

I had to run out to the bank this morning and since it was bitter cold and windy, I decided to go through the drive-thru which I haven't done in ages.
Instead of the nice simple drawer that rolls out from the teller they have a new drawer, it's hard to explain but the sides open up and this metal shelf rolls towards you.
All I could think it that it looked like the mouth of a vampire from Blade 3.


"Please don't eat my arm! It's a deposit!!!!"

Needless to say, I think I'll do my banking inside from now on...
((I couldn't find a picture of the shelf to show here...I can find a picture of the vampire, but it's just too scary))

I was trying to take a picture of our Christmas tree without flash...when Vivi bumped my arm. lol
Presenting the Neon-Electric-Worm Tree!

Today we also changed the girls' beds. Moving Vivian from a crib to a toddler bed and moving Shiloh from a toddler bed to the daybed (that the crib converts into).
Shiloh took her nap in her bed and seems to love it. She thought it was a gift for Christmas so she kept saying "Oh thank you! Merry Christmas!" :)

Hopefully Vivi will like her new bed too.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Snow storm

A winter storm came rolling in today...
I was able to watch it come in since Shiloh woke me up several times between 2:30-4:30....then Vivi suddenly woke for the day at not quite 6:30 but I was able to get her to fall back asleep with me on the couch until DH accidentally woke us by starting the coffee pot (he wanted to get an early start on the shoveling and snowblowing).
I woke in a panic because I smelled coffee and heard it brewing and I knew I didn't put the pot in the maker and thought it started brewing itself. lol
That's a fun way to wake up...picturing coffee pouring down my counters and floor. ;-P

Vivian has started saying "Mama, Mama" in her sleep. She says it very softly so it's cute, but ugh...hope that doesn't continue.
Nothing like waking from a sound sleep to attend to your child's cries....just to find out they are still asleep!

Anyways, all that lack of sleep led to a nasty migraine for a good part of the day. We got quite a bit of snow too from the storm making me so very, very thankful that I did not have any pressing reasons to drive around in it.
The girls loved to watch the snow though, it was a bit too cold to take them out in it today but maybe tomorrow.
I'm eager to see how Vivi likes it since she was so young the last time we had snow. :)

Friday, December 04, 2009

Celebrate good times

Today is....My Mom's Birthday! yay!
Happy Birthday Mom, love you infinity! (that's what I say to Shiloh all the time :)

Today is the 1 year anniversary of our house closing! yay!
What a whirlwind year too, and this house has been a wonderful place for us and has comfortably turned into our home.

Today is also (according to Shiloh) "Happy Table Day". lol
She keeps saying that all day "Happy Table Day, Mama! Happy Table Day!"
Too cute!

My chair cushions finally arrived today along with the table pad so now we can really get to using the table.
The cushions are a little firmer than I would like but I'm hoping they'll soften up with use. The pattern is nice though and goes well with the bench cushion and other decor.
The holiday tablecloths I ordered are much cheaper quality than I expected, so instead of getting a great deal on those....I really got what I paid for (which wasn't much at all) so if they last through the holidays that will be fine.

Shiloh's hightops came in as well, and she l-o-v-e-s them. They are a bit big on her but stay on fine since they are hightops. I didn't really pay attention to the full retail price of them since they were reasonable and she needs them....but the Black Friday sale was pretty good and they were $9 less than the price tag that was attached to them!

All in all, I am not sold 100% on online has its pluses and negatives.
I probably wouldn't have bothered purchasing the tablecloths (though they are cute) if I had been able to see in my hand what quality/type they were...and my delivery was a day late which is a bit of a pain, but on the other hand I didn't have to battle crowds or drag hungry kids through over-heated stores so there are benefits as well.

We took the girls out shopping the other day and it was soo hot in that store. Vivi fought sleep for a long time, but then she was just so heavy when she did fall asleep. I haven't weighed her recently but it was really bothering my back carrying her then Mommy was not really in a shopping mood any longer.
Vivian stayed asleep when we put her in her carseat so our next stop, the grocery store, just DH went in with my grocery list while I stayed with the girls in the car so Vivi could sleep. She's been crabby with her teeth...and you just don't poke a sleeping bear! ;-)

Then I called DH's cellphone to ask him to also grab some tuna fish and cream soup so I could make Shiloh more catfood Tuna noodle casserole.
Next thing he's asking where the raisins are...
Me: near the door on the right side.
DH: which side?
Me: which way are you facing...the door?
DH: I'm at the door
Me: They're next to the chocolate chips
DH: where are those? you want chocolate chips?
Me: (thinking how can I be married to a man who doesn't know where the chocolate chips are located!): they're across from the cereal..
DH: I'm near the sugar, which side are the raisins on? I found them! You wanted golden right?
Me: No...the red box, just plain raisins....(daylight dawns) Oh my! We are the annoying shoppers right now!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

It's here! It's here!

The new table was delivered this morning!
It arrived during a drizzling rain but a lot of it was wrapped up so everything didn't get too wet.
The delivery men brought the bench in first and Shiloh said "Oooh, our new table is here!" and ran over to touch it and inspect it. lol
It is table-sized to her! :)

Here are the pictures...first of all, a photo of our old table and folding chairs, which served us well and much longer than ever intended...nearly 5 1/2 years.
So you can see why I have been so excited about getting our new table set.
Plus (though it's often covered with a tablecloth) cleaning that glass top and bottom of a multitude of tiny fingerprints grows weary.

The new rug and the girls enjoying the open space to play while we await the table delivery. (Vivi can climb onto the windowseat by herself now..ugh)

And....Ta Da!!

My expected delivery of the chair pads and table pad has been delayed until tomorrow so I have to wait for those, but we still enjoyed our dinner at the table tonight.
The bench is really quite little family of four can seat all of us easily on just the bench itself without being crowded and it's so stable too.
Shi was always bumping into the old table and spilling the drinks that were on it, this one is much more steady and gives her a lot more room for laying out her coloring books etc. while we still have room to eat too. :D

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Wednesdays with Shiloh

After breakfast this morning, DH and I put away our old table and (folding) chairs, vacuumed and removed the old rug in preparations for our table delivery tomorrow.
We still have the barstools and countertops for eating our meals until the table arrives and Vivi eats in a highchair anyways so it's not too much of a hassle to have it put away this early....and the kiddos love the open space to play in.

We played with their bowling set earlier in the empty area (until Mommy got tired of constantly setting up the pins). Vivi loves to walk into the pins and knock them down and Shiloh just can't bowl for beans.
It was very amusing, she'd be just inches from the pins and still miss ALL of the pins when she threw the ball.
I tried to show her how to hold the bowling ball properly and somehow, instead of helping, that made her throw it over her shoulder...

Shiloh also already gave herself a fat lip by running, tripping, and crashing into her toy chair. She let me hold some crushed ice (I love having an ice maker!!!) to her lip though and told me right away that M&M's would make her feel much better. ;-)
By the time an hour had passed any swelling of her lip was barely noticeable....must be the magic of M&M's! :)

For her second breakfast of the day, Shi was looking at the cereal boxes trying to decide which one she wanted.
Then she pointed at the picture of cinnamon sticks on one box.
"Yum, i want those!"
"No, that's not cereal...those are cinnamon sticks"
"i wanta cinna-sticks! Mmm!"
"Uh no, those would taste you want the cereal on the box though?"
Shiloh settled for the cereal on the box, and I had to pour a little dish for Vivian as well.
"Don't drop your cereal, Dada just vacuumed"
C-R-A-S-H!!!!! Vivi drops her cereal before the words have left my mouth.
She bursts into tears.
All this before 10:30am too....
Gotta say I love my little dustbuster, especially when Vivi is afraid of the big vacuum it works sooo well on those little messes...or big messes.

I just called the furniture store to confirm our table delivery for tomorrow and we are their first stop in the morning so...maybe we'll be able to have tomorrows breakfast at our new table! (or at least one of Shiloh's breakfasts will be at the new table)
So exciting!

Both girls are napping now, so I wanted to use this time to make some cookies.
When I got Shiloh ready for her nap, I took her to the bathroom and I'm waiting for her to finish her business and she looks at me...
"wat doing here, Mom? wat doing here?"
"Um, I'm helping you go potty"
"Ohhh, I have toes Mom...see?" She wiggles her toes.
She is such a funny kid. :)