Friday, December 04, 2009

Celebrate good times

Today is....My Mom's Birthday! yay!
Happy Birthday Mom, love you infinity! (that's what I say to Shiloh all the time :)

Today is the 1 year anniversary of our house closing! yay!
What a whirlwind year too, and this house has been a wonderful place for us and has comfortably turned into our home.

Today is also (according to Shiloh) "Happy Table Day". lol
She keeps saying that all day "Happy Table Day, Mama! Happy Table Day!"
Too cute!

My chair cushions finally arrived today along with the table pad so now we can really get to using the table.
The cushions are a little firmer than I would like but I'm hoping they'll soften up with use. The pattern is nice though and goes well with the bench cushion and other decor.
The holiday tablecloths I ordered are much cheaper quality than I expected, so instead of getting a great deal on those....I really got what I paid for (which wasn't much at all) so if they last through the holidays that will be fine.

Shiloh's hightops came in as well, and she l-o-v-e-s them. They are a bit big on her but stay on fine since they are hightops. I didn't really pay attention to the full retail price of them since they were reasonable and she needs them....but the Black Friday sale was pretty good and they were $9 less than the price tag that was attached to them!

All in all, I am not sold 100% on online has its pluses and negatives.
I probably wouldn't have bothered purchasing the tablecloths (though they are cute) if I had been able to see in my hand what quality/type they were...and my delivery was a day late which is a bit of a pain, but on the other hand I didn't have to battle crowds or drag hungry kids through over-heated stores so there are benefits as well.

We took the girls out shopping the other day and it was soo hot in that store. Vivi fought sleep for a long time, but then she was just so heavy when she did fall asleep. I haven't weighed her recently but it was really bothering my back carrying her then Mommy was not really in a shopping mood any longer.
Vivian stayed asleep when we put her in her carseat so our next stop, the grocery store, just DH went in with my grocery list while I stayed with the girls in the car so Vivi could sleep. She's been crabby with her teeth...and you just don't poke a sleeping bear! ;-)

Then I called DH's cellphone to ask him to also grab some tuna fish and cream soup so I could make Shiloh more catfood Tuna noodle casserole.
Next thing he's asking where the raisins are...
Me: near the door on the right side.
DH: which side?
Me: which way are you facing...the door?
DH: I'm at the door
Me: They're next to the chocolate chips
DH: where are those? you want chocolate chips?
Me: (thinking how can I be married to a man who doesn't know where the chocolate chips are located!): they're across from the cereal..
DH: I'm near the sugar, which side are the raisins on? I found them! You wanted golden right?
Me: No...the red box, just plain raisins....(daylight dawns) Oh my! We are the annoying shoppers right now!

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Heather said...

Yes, can't you see me? Being a complete stranger and going "What the freak, man! Get the raisins and move out of the way!!" then I would grumble to myself with my crow cane that some people should just stay home. ;)