Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Chaos

Today marks one week since I weaned Vivian.
She is eating foods and drinking milk and water really well now. She does tend to wake up when DH gets home and she is starving for a late-night dinner then, and sometimes she wakes up early in the morning really thirsty (she gets water).

I am still in pain, can't lay on either side or my belly at night, and still have the ability to flood all land below sea-level.
Not sure how long this will last...

I'm in the final Christmas crunch now. Wrapped a bunch of presents, and made four different varieties of cookies...but I still have more presents left to wrap and more cookies to bake and lots of cookie decorating left to do.
Somewhere around about the time that Vivian grabbed a container of Ovaltine and tried to use it as a stool to reach the Christmas village....I realized that I have no time to fiddle with cookies shaped like Christmas trees, stars, angels, or little men, etc.
Soooo my cookies are all shaped like snowballs, the sun, the moon, wheels, oranges, the globe....(you get the idea)

After all my baking is done, my kitchen floor will need a thorough vacuuming and scrubbing not just because of the inevitable flour and sugar that end up there during a busy baking day....but also because Shiloh was prancing like a fairy and bumped into Vivian's bowl of cereal which exploded everywhere.
(thankfully no milk was involved!!!!)

Shiloh was telling me earlier today that she didn't want any "quinnins".
O-k-a-y, I don't know what a quinnin is sooo you don't have to have any.
Then she went on and on about how Bibian was eating quinnins but she didn't want to eat quinnins.
Vivian was eating raisins. lol. (yes, finally one of my children will eat raisins!)

Shiloh was sitting her bath tonight and she said "Ho, Ho, Ho!...you hear it? what is it?"
"I don't know, Shi, what is it?"
"It's a flying reindeer!" :-D

She's always coming up with something.
After she had a bm the other day, she looked in the toilet and said "Mama, it looks like eels!"
We saw quite a few...uh, muddy-looking eels in Singapore....ah, memories. lol

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Heather said...

haha - eels. That's about as funny as eating Cristiss!