Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dental drive

Vivian is doing pretty well with weaning, she took a decent nap yesterday and her bedtime was in a normal time span.
She woke up fussing around 4am but fell back asleep easier than the day before so things are progressing well with weaning.

Early this morning was her dentist appt.
Thankfully the roads were clear and the weather calm....though bitter cold!
I was able to find the dentist's office without too much trouble, despite driving unfamiliar roads in the dark (we were up before the sun).

Her appt. went very well. She was so good too...happy and pointing out her body parts, bouncing to the Christmas music they had playing and clapping her hands.
She received a quick fluoride treatment and we're just going to be keeping a watchful eye on her teeth. She doesn't need to have them checked again until March. Yay!

While we were at the dentist's office, a little girl came in with a Christmas-related dental problem. She was only about 3-4yrs. old, but very petite and fine-boned...and just adorable.
Apparently a little boy was pretending his candy cane was a sword and poked her in the mouth, which bloodied her lip and chipped her tooth! Poor thing.

Afterwards we went to Target so we could get some stuff we needed and pick up the Fluoride rinse that the dentist recommended for both girls. I never would have bought it otherwise as it says for ages 6 and up!
For Vivi, I'm supposed to use a cotton swab to apply it to her teeth. Shiloh is supposed to swish it around her mouth and spit it out. It has a bubblegum flavor and I cannot see getting her to spit it least not yet as we've not even practiced her spitting out anything.
So after brushing, I just dipped her toothbrush into a little of the rinse and brushed it on her teeth...hopefully that will work enough for now.

Shiloh has been wearing a lot of dresses paired with jeans. She loves wearing dresses but it's just so cold! (-3 here this morning) Whenever Shiloh wears a dress she thinks it makes her an instant Princess.

I asked her to help pick up books that Vivian had taken off the shelf. "Princesses pick up books?" she asked

"Yes, they do."

As soon as she had the books picked up, Vivian came around and started bringing them out again.

Shiloh runs over shouting "Bibian! Bibian! I watchin' you!"

She knows if you've been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake! :-D

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