Thursday, December 03, 2009

It's here! It's here!

The new table was delivered this morning!
It arrived during a drizzling rain but a lot of it was wrapped up so everything didn't get too wet.
The delivery men brought the bench in first and Shiloh said "Oooh, our new table is here!" and ran over to touch it and inspect it. lol
It is table-sized to her! :)

Here are the pictures...first of all, a photo of our old table and folding chairs, which served us well and much longer than ever intended...nearly 5 1/2 years.
So you can see why I have been so excited about getting our new table set.
Plus (though it's often covered with a tablecloth) cleaning that glass top and bottom of a multitude of tiny fingerprints grows weary.

The new rug and the girls enjoying the open space to play while we await the table delivery. (Vivi can climb onto the windowseat by herself now..ugh)

And....Ta Da!!

My expected delivery of the chair pads and table pad has been delayed until tomorrow so I have to wait for those, but we still enjoyed our dinner at the table tonight.
The bench is really quite little family of four can seat all of us easily on just the bench itself without being crowded and it's so stable too.
Shi was always bumping into the old table and spilling the drinks that were on it, this one is much more steady and gives her a lot more room for laying out her coloring books etc. while we still have room to eat too. :D

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