Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Looking for a rainbow

Today Vivian is 18 months old. 1 1/2 years!
The time flies when you have children, I guess there's no way around that. They just change and learn and grow so much in a tiny span of time.
Today is also our first full day of weaning.
It's bittersweet. I do love nursing and the bonding. Today was the first day she didn't have that sweet milky breath that I adore.
She smelled like bananas and animal crackers...which is also endearing in its own way.

I'm trying to focus on the positives of weaning though.
I realized that I have been either pregnant, pregnant and nursing, or just breastfeeding for the entire past 4 years!
I think my body does deserve a little rest and time to just take care of itself.
Four years.
I can wear dresses again (if I can find them, they are so buried in my closet).
Nightgowns, and snug shirts, and real, real, bras!
If I'm ill....I can take medicine! Real medicine...the wonderful kind that knocks you right out!
I can pile on the scented lotions and perfumes, normally people can still wear those and nurse but with both girls having eczema problems and the close contact of nursing, I was pretty cautious with applying those.

Once my own Niagara falls has dried up, I'll be able to enjoy oatmeal again and especially oatmeal cookies without fear of flooding the earth in a milk bath.

Vivi is doing well. She fell asleep surprisingly easy tonight.
She can say "cheese" now and asks for that when she wants. Still having trouble getting her to like cow's milk, with or without Ovaltine depends on her mood. She loves water though and the list of foods that she likes is increasingly daily.

Vivi has a dentist appt. tomorrow. A few of her teeth are suffering from her frequent night nursings. I feel horrible about it, if I knew I could/would have prevented this.
Both of my girls have been boob-aholics, and loved nursing above other foods and drinks.
Vivi is a bit more extreme I think because of her personality. At 18 months old she is soo much more of a baby than Shiloh was at 12mos.
Her temper at having her milk denied her...not so much baby though! Whew!
We're weaning cold-turkey, rough on Mama's body but I think the easiest for Vivi to understand at her age and with her personality.
It would tick her off more to be allowed to nurse sometimes but then denied other times. We'll just push through and get it done all at once.
I'm trying sage and peppermint teas to hopefully help dry up the fountains more quickly and easily.
Just in case though...anybody know where I can get an ark?

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