Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sugar high for the eyes

My Christmas baking is completed! Yay!

I made Santa's Thumbprints... (also pictured are sugar cookies before the frosting)

The large sugar cookies decorated....

The smaller sugar cookies, and my Christmas caterpillar/butterfly/maybe cat-like things... (uh, my snowman shapes looked a little crooked and butter shortening doesn't make white, white frosting...and dingy-white, crooked, snowmen are not really that appealing. So Ta da! The creation of the Christmas caterpillar!)

Cranberry Chocolate-Chip cookies....yum!

Chocolate Biscotti! (picture looks a little funny, but they really do look nice)

I also made Cheesecake brownies. Started to run out of pans and containers and counter space!
Is your mouth watering yet? :-)
Shiloh had one small...very small, frosted sugar cookie and she was bouncing off the walls!
Maybe that's why the children in the story just has visions of sugar plums in their heads...if they had actually eaten the sugarplums, they wouldn't have been nestled all snug in their beds, they would have been bouncing off the walls in a sugar high and that doesn't really sound like a nice Christmas does it?

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