Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Wednesdays with Shiloh

After breakfast this morning, DH and I put away our old table and (folding) chairs, vacuumed and removed the old rug in preparations for our table delivery tomorrow.
We still have the barstools and countertops for eating our meals until the table arrives and Vivi eats in a highchair anyways so it's not too much of a hassle to have it put away this early....and the kiddos love the open space to play in.

We played with their bowling set earlier in the empty area (until Mommy got tired of constantly setting up the pins). Vivi loves to walk into the pins and knock them down and Shiloh just can't bowl for beans.
It was very amusing, she'd be just inches from the pins and still miss ALL of the pins when she threw the ball.
I tried to show her how to hold the bowling ball properly and somehow, instead of helping, that made her throw it over her shoulder...

Shiloh also already gave herself a fat lip by running, tripping, and crashing into her toy chair. She let me hold some crushed ice (I love having an ice maker!!!) to her lip though and told me right away that M&M's would make her feel much better. ;-)
By the time an hour had passed any swelling of her lip was barely noticeable....must be the magic of M&M's! :)

For her second breakfast of the day, Shi was looking at the cereal boxes trying to decide which one she wanted.
Then she pointed at the picture of cinnamon sticks on one box.
"Yum, i want those!"
"No, that's not cereal...those are cinnamon sticks"
"i wanta cinna-sticks! Mmm!"
"Uh no, those would taste you want the cereal on the box though?"
Shiloh settled for the cereal on the box, and I had to pour a little dish for Vivian as well.
"Don't drop your cereal, Dada just vacuumed"
C-R-A-S-H!!!!! Vivi drops her cereal before the words have left my mouth.
She bursts into tears.
All this before 10:30am too....
Gotta say I love my little dustbuster, especially when Vivi is afraid of the big vacuum it works sooo well on those little messes...or big messes.

I just called the furniture store to confirm our table delivery for tomorrow and we are their first stop in the morning so...maybe we'll be able to have tomorrows breakfast at our new table! (or at least one of Shiloh's breakfasts will be at the new table)
So exciting!

Both girls are napping now, so I wanted to use this time to make some cookies.
When I got Shiloh ready for her nap, I took her to the bathroom and I'm waiting for her to finish her business and she looks at me...
"wat doing here, Mom? wat doing here?"
"Um, I'm helping you go potty"
"Ohhh, I have toes Mom...see?" She wiggles her toes.
She is such a funny kid. :)

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