Monday, January 25, 2010

Not Me, Monday!

It's "Not Me, Monday" time again! :)

It was certainly Not Me, that sat down to watch "Barbie as the Princess & the Pauper" movie while the girls were taking a nap, because I wanted to see it without out constant interruptions...Noo.
I wouldn't then decide that it was one of favorite movies, or post a link to one of my favorite songs here, or sing the songs so much around the house that DH has started humming them too...No, Not Me!

After seeing a picture of a fish using a vase as a fish bowl, I did not think it was a great idea and spend far too much time debating whether an etched vase might confuse the fish or if a blue glass pitcher might make him think he's color blind and too difficult to see...or if the small-mouthed one might make it hard to get him out of it for a cleaning. No, Not Me!
After all, it's just a simple fish and simple decision and I made it quickly...yes.

I certainly did not pull out three bottles of salad dressing to set out with a salad and then have to toss two of the bottles because they were expired....No, Not Me!

When I made scrambled eggs and buttered toast for Shiloh, she did not thank me the entire time she was eating.....for the pepper I had sprinkled on her eggs!!!
"Thanks for my pepper, Mom...thanks for my pepper! Mmm, good pepper!" lol
Not my child!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Sunday funnies

I've been having a lot of headaches lately, the other day I was resting on the couch watching a movie about Julia Child while at the same time Vivian fed me bits of plastic food.
That amused me.
Then after the movie (in which Meryl Streep did an amazing job btw!) which was all about Julia Child's love of fancy French cooking...
Um...I made tacos for dinner.
Lol, that amused me too.

I crack myself up doing crossword puzzles, I do! Apparently doing them when I have a headache is about as bad as doing them while sleep-deprived.
I spent days, days, trying to figure out what was the name of the girl who was in the "Kill Bill" movies. I refused to google it because that would be cheating.

The question: Bill Killer

Even when Veto came up as the answer, I still kept thinking Nooo, that wasn't her name...I would remember if that was her name!
Oh my!...It's so silly. I think I do the puzzles purely for this amusement of what answers come to my mind versus the goal of finishing the puzzle. ;-)

Shiloh has started to pick out letters that she recognizes in books or magazine, and when we're out and about. It's really exciting!
She even pointed out an "X" in the design of the neighbor's garage the other day. She loves to pick out shapes especially, but that sometimes complicates the letter part a bit as she keeps calling the letter "A"....a triangle with legs, which it

I told her that she was dirty and had to have a bath (her face and hands were messy)
She said "i not dirty"
I said "Look at what's all over you."
She looked down, and stated very matter-of-factly "a dress, Mom."
oh, she's too funny!... ;-D

I was washing dishes and Vivi came behind me and kept giggling and saying "bub-oh, bub-oh!" (bubbles) She was shaking up her sippy cup and thought the bubbles that it made were the greatest thing. :)

The girls also have a game that they think is hysterical, they shake the pepper container from their kitchen set near somebody and Shi says "Want some pepper? Ooh, don't sneeze! Don't sneeze!"
Then the other person, of course, sneezes dramatically.
Shiloh says Bless you and every one cracks up. lol
Vivi usually sneezes quite randomly throughout the game, she doesn't quite have the timing down...oh, it's funny.

Want to know how you tell it's laundry day in our house? When you see Vivian walking around with the mesh lingerie bag on her head, giggling hysterically and thinking that makes her invisible... yep, that would be your first clue.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

T - is for Tuesday

Vivian is doing really well at night still. Sometimes she wakes during the night, but she's usually now able to get herself back to sleep without my help...and most impressively of all she can and does sleep completely through the night too!

Potty training is still in process too. I haven't done away with the daily diapers yet and she has been holding in her bm's until nap time...lovely.
The other day she didn't even end up taking a nap because every time I laid her down...she filled her diaper again! ick!
At least it's a good sign that she's developing the control necessary for full potty-training, right? There's a silver lining to every cloud, right? ;-)

Keeping Vivi away from dairy hasn't been fun or easy. I have to put away Shiloh's milk cup as soon as she puts it down so Vivi doesn't swipe it...yes, despite the fact that Vivi does have her own (Lactaid) milk cup, stolen milk is sweeter! ;-)
When she takes a nap I pull out the cheese sticks or cream cheese and crackers for Shiloh so she's not deprived of her extra dairy. (BTW: "Fire Roasted Tomato and Olive oil" Triscuits with a little lite cream cheese....yum!)
I love the fact that there is a Lactaid whole milk available! yay!
Vivian loves to have a big bowl of cereal with milk almost every morning, so it's great that she can still have that without the bellyache. :)

I've been working on the Alphabet with Shiloh. Both girls really love the StarFall webpage, even Vivi loves to make the sounds that the letter "ah" for "A".
Shiloh already had about 8 letters consistantly memorized, and a few more that she remembers off and on.
I made her little construction paper signs that I wrote some letters on and then found pictures of items that started with that letter.
She just recognized 3 more letters this morning so I like to think the signs help. :-)
A closer view of a few letters...
It actually was harder than I thought it would be because of certain words that she knows or associates with an image.
Like I couldn't use a picture of "Rice Krispies" for "C - cereal" because she knows the real name! I ended up asking her what the picture was most of the time to make sure she thought of a word that was fitting to the letter I was working one picture of eggs I wanted to use for the letter "E" but she kept thinking it a picture of toast instead so that didn't work. ;-)
Other things that didn't work were:
A - Afro (found a good picture, but no I don't think so)
D - any dog under age 10? because then she called them, puppies.
C - cheese = Vivian constantly asking for cheese!
E - Excedrin - well just because that is what I associate with "E"
F - Flowers - I did use flowers, but I had to make sure there were no Roses in the picture because she knows those.
C - computer - I could only find pictures of laptops...which she knew and called them laptops. ;-)
F - Fruit - she'd just start naming each individual fruit...apples, bananas, oranges, etc.

I've been trying to add a few letter every week or so, as she learns more. Both girls really seem to like looking over the signs though so that's good. :)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The morning update...

Last night Vivi did really well also!
She fell asleep in my arms after I read her a couple books and was just cuddling/rocking her to make sure she was sleepy before I put her in her bed.
I laid her down...and she didn't instantly wake back up!
She did fuss a few times during the night, I checked on her the first time and she was just fussing in her sleep so I let her settle herself and the other times her fussing was minimal as well so I just let her be.

BUT Shiloh woke me up a few times...because she had to pee, wanted her night light turned on, had to pee, was itchy, had to pee.
They take turns!!!!! It's a devious plot!

Anyways Vivi slept (without Mom help) for 11 hours!

Ahh! Now this is the life! :)

This morning, Vivi and I are the only ones up so far....I'm sure Shiloh is quite tired with her frequent night wakings. :-P
So I had Vivi sitting in her highchair with some cereal and sippy of Lactaid milk, and I hear her saying in a sing-song voice "bah-bah-bah-bah-Bive!!" She's holding up her hands and counting her fingers. wow.
I've been doing that with her while trying to keep her entertained on the potty, I didn't think she'd pick it up so fast though!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Frosted Flukes...they're great!

I know it's probably a fluke but it was great!
After putting Vivi down in the pack 'n play in her room last night, she cried for less than 10 min and fell asleep.

She slept, and slept! From approx. 8:45pm to 6am. Nine solid hours!!!! NINE!!!! (dance of happiness!)

She took a decent nap plus fell asleep in the car, twice, while we were running errands, so if anything I expected her not to sleep really well.
I'm thinking it must be a growth spurt...but I'm hopeful it will continue anyways. ;-)

The pack 'n play seems to be working best as her bed right now. It's not as high as the crib so it makes me feel more relaxed about her attempts to climb out...and it is easier on my back.

I've tried a million and one things to get her to sleep:
Leaving the room, holding her, staying with her, giving her my pillow, giving her my shirt, three different nightlights of varying brightness, toddler bed, pack 'n play, mattress on floor, our bed, cutting out dairy, sippy water in her bed, feeding before bed, warming up her bed, swaddling her, Motrin before bed (for teething), Gas drops before bed, waiting until she was very sleepy before putting her to bed, Scheduled bed/nap times with a routine...
Some things have worked, and some things haven't but I think I've put in a good effort! lol

I had found some information online that mentioned that children who have *never* slept through the night (which is was VIVIAN!)...often have a milk allergy.
So I cut out all dairy for her and she has stopped waking with gas and gas pains, and basically all her gas. That saved me at least a few night wakings I am sure!
She had a little pizza the other day and the following morning she was tooting like crazy, so she definitely has some digestive issues with dairy.
I have her on Lactaid whole milk and since the pizza bothered her I'll continue to keep her off cheese at the moment (which since she loves cheese, she's not happy about!).
I still have see if she can tolerate yogurt or not.

So perhaps switching her to a non-dairy diet is the reason for her sleepFULL night, last night?? Either way, it was wonderful!

Back to potty-training now. Vivi peed a good amount yesterday...and (unbelievable!) she just wanted me to take her diaper off so she could sit on the potty!!
What a day! :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Potty-training boot camp

I love to participate in "Not Me, Mondays" but I'm swamped.

Potty-training Vivian, Sleep-training Vivian, disciplining Vivian. (she has a hair-trigger temper at times!)
I also was busy researching car insurance prices today, though I had to miss an Insurance agent's call because I had Vivian on the potty, pooping, at that exact moment.
Potty-training has higher priority! ;-)

Vivi has been doing great with potty training. She's learning to hold her well in fact that I haven't caught much in the potty.
She just seems to wait until I put a diaper on her at nap and bed time.

I haven't been taking her diaper off in the morning until her Daddy goes to work since he tends to freak about messes and also distracts me so I'm not as likely to catch her at key moments. So it makes my life easier until they are better trained to do it this way.

But waiting only leaves her about 3 1/2 hours until she gets a diaper again for a nap. Then there's only about 4hrs. between nap and bedtime so I'm planning to take her diaper off first thing in the morning tomorrow (If I remember!) and see how she does.

Oddly enough, pooping in the potty has been quite frequent...and I thought that was the difficult part?
Vivi even started nodding when I asked if she had to use the potty and grabbing my finger to lead me to the potty chair.
I'm so happy about that since the fact that she doesn't say many words yet concerned me with potty training her. I was wondering how exactly we'd be able to communicate everything clearly....though she certainly has proven many times that she understands things that I didn't expect her to! :)

She does say "done" when she wants to get off the potty...and can say "pee" and "poop" so we have the basics covered. ;-)
I did miss one poop that landed on the floor instead. Vivi was trying to bring it to Shiloh's attention. "Hey you! The one that talks! Yep you! Look at that...Tell Mom that you did it okay?"
Shiloh freaked.
"Mooom! Baby pooped on the floor! Shiloh didn't do it! Baby did it! Baby pooped on the floor!"
She also had to bring it to my attention that I did not put pants on Vivian and she could see the baby's butt....forgetful Mommy!
All day long at random times she'd say "Baby pooped on the floor! Baby peed on the floor!"
Quite disturbing to her! ;-)

The girls love their kitchen set and play food, though it rarely gets played with the way that I would expect...
Vivi still likes to pretend that it's a vanity table and sets out the little plastic bottles and containers and pretends that they have lotion in them that she puts on her hands then rubs all over her face.

Shiloh came running to me today and said "I made a dog stick"
"You made a dog sick? What???"
"I made a dog stick, See!" She holds up a plastic french fry.
"It's a dog stick!" then she puts in in her mouth cross-wise and starts crawling through the house.
She is funny...and can eerily imitate cats and dogs. Especially yappy, annoying, dogs. Yep.

Friday, January 08, 2010

All hail King Tapioca!

2 a.m. this morning....I wasn't sleeping, nooo.
I was digging through the drawers for a screwdriver so I could replace the batteries in Vivi's Glo-Worm which had died at such an inopportune time.
Before I even managed to get it all assembled again properly, I could hear her awake and crying yet again. ugh.

Yesterday I was exhausted. I lost count of how many times Vivi woke up that night.
Then I was trying to do a crossword puzzle and I was stumped on who was the King of Pudding, because Bill Cosby was not fitting into the spaces allotted.
Tapioca fit though, um.
Re-read the question....Oh, a "kind" of pudding...yeah, that makes more sense. *yawn*

Vivian had her 18 month appt. yesterday.
Her last appt. she was 15 months, so in three months she has lost a couple ounces and gained 1.5 inches in height.
She's now about the same size as Shiloh was at her 20 month appt...just slightly heavier.

This morning she has pooped on the potty twice already!!!!!
I'm getting Shiloh in on the cheering Vivi on and participating in the reward (mini M&M's) so it helps give Vivi more motivation and support.

Shiloh's shoe fell off this morning and she brought it to me saying "My feet fell down! My feet fell down!" :-)

Last night she said that her nose was running so I asked if she needed a tissue. She sniffed, "it won't come out, Mama. I no need tissue, it won't come out." I guess she had a stuffy nose and didn't know how to explain it.

We bought the girls' little stick ponies for Christmas. Now when you ask Shiloh what sound a horse makes, instead of "Whinney" she says "YeeHaa!" :-D

Monday, January 04, 2010

Not (My Child) Monday!

This week instead of "Not Me, Monday", I'm doing "Not My Child, Monday"
It was certainly not my child that pretended that a black crayon was lipgloss.
It was also not my child that taught her baby sister to dump out her cereal/animal cracker/cheese etc. on the floor so that they could pretend to be cats while eating.

My child certainly does not call me into her room every single night to look at "the blue light, green light" (her night light). Nooo.

My children do not pretend that their toy kitchen is a vanity and the mustard and ketchup are makeup...

My child also did not get excited over how "beautiful" the ketchup and mustard squiggles on her hotdog were....and talk about the "bee-a-full red and yeh-yoh" instead of eating.

It wouldn't be My Child, whose idea of helping with laundry is to pull all the clothes off the racks and fling them at my feet.
My child did not make her own sign language, and if she did certainly grabbing her chest and squeezing it....would Not be her "sign" that she wants milk! Noo...Not My Child!

My child would also never insist on walking through the house with a purse on her head which would cause her to keep banging into the tables and walls...

My child does not get upset when she sees we've pulled into the grocery store and wail "...but I wanna go to Walmart!"

Certainly, my child did not become pinned in a corner of her room because there were bits of black sock fuzz blocking her way...No, not my child!
My child most positively is NOT jealous that her Mama and her sister have a pimple and she doesn't!
No, Not My Children!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2010!
I managed to stay up long enough to watch the ball drop...we didn't stay up much past that though.
Vivian has been waking me up 5x a night for quite a few nights now.
Maybe still weaning related, maybe the three teeth she has coming in, maybe the upset tummy she gets from teething...or maybe just the full blue moon.
Who knows?

I've also been working on sleep training her so I know that has some part in it. She does sleep better draped over my shoulder while I constantly walk around....but I'm not so happy with being a Merry-go-round horse.
I moved her to her own room to hopefully help with the sleep training.
Eventually we'd like to have the girls share a room but I need Vivi sleeping much better for that to happen.
So for now I've just pulled her mattress into our spare room and made her a cozy space with a night light.
I've gotten her to learn to fall asleep on her own without nursing/rocking/carrying/holding etc. She's not happy about it at times...but other times she falls right asleep.
Which I don't think is too bad considering tonight will only be night 4.
She's such a funny girl though, her comfort item is not a blanket or stuffed animal...nope, it's an old cellphone that I removed the battery from.
DH was using it as an alarm clock and handed it to her once to distract her when she had woken up screaming....and that was it.
Now she's attached to the cellphone. lol.

Vivi still doesn't talk a ton...not that Shiloh leaves much of a lull in any conversations. She learned to say "please" because she really wanted Christmas cookies! When she says "please" she copies Shiloh's manner and tilts her head to the side and tries to say it as sweetly as possible. :-D
She is also hysterical when I getting her some food that she really wants, like a dessert or oranges, she gets all giddy and silly.

Vivian also pooped in the potty another time, so I'm really thrilled with that! :)

New Years Day we had a lot of fun playing in the snow as a family at my parents house. We bought a sled for the girls for Christmas and they both enjoyed that.
We also made a snowman and Shi really loved that. :)
She never wears out though, wow!

I am definitely wore out though. Hoping, hoping, hoping that Vivi starts sleeping better soon and not waking 5x every single night. I keep waking up with headaches from not sleeping enough and then they linger all through the day....and my brain is just a muddled fog!