Friday, January 08, 2010

All hail King Tapioca!

2 a.m. this morning....I wasn't sleeping, nooo.
I was digging through the drawers for a screwdriver so I could replace the batteries in Vivi's Glo-Worm which had died at such an inopportune time.
Before I even managed to get it all assembled again properly, I could hear her awake and crying yet again. ugh.

Yesterday I was exhausted. I lost count of how many times Vivi woke up that night.
Then I was trying to do a crossword puzzle and I was stumped on who was the King of Pudding, because Bill Cosby was not fitting into the spaces allotted.
Tapioca fit though, um.
Re-read the question....Oh, a "kind" of pudding...yeah, that makes more sense. *yawn*

Vivian had her 18 month appt. yesterday.
Her last appt. she was 15 months, so in three months she has lost a couple ounces and gained 1.5 inches in height.
She's now about the same size as Shiloh was at her 20 month appt...just slightly heavier.

This morning she has pooped on the potty twice already!!!!!
I'm getting Shiloh in on the cheering Vivi on and participating in the reward (mini M&M's) so it helps give Vivi more motivation and support.

Shiloh's shoe fell off this morning and she brought it to me saying "My feet fell down! My feet fell down!" :-)

Last night she said that her nose was running so I asked if she needed a tissue. She sniffed, "it won't come out, Mama. I no need tissue, it won't come out." I guess she had a stuffy nose and didn't know how to explain it.

We bought the girls' little stick ponies for Christmas. Now when you ask Shiloh what sound a horse makes, instead of "Whinney" she says "YeeHaa!" :-D

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Leigh Anne said...

haha. this was a sweet post! "yeehaw" too adorable. and vivi is potty training already? i feel so behind. sydney has absolutely NO interest whatsoever. i'll be changing and washing diapers forever, i fear. yay vivi!