Friday, January 15, 2010

Frosted Flukes...they're great!

I know it's probably a fluke but it was great!
After putting Vivi down in the pack 'n play in her room last night, she cried for less than 10 min and fell asleep.

She slept, and slept! From approx. 8:45pm to 6am. Nine solid hours!!!! NINE!!!! (dance of happiness!)

She took a decent nap plus fell asleep in the car, twice, while we were running errands, so if anything I expected her not to sleep really well.
I'm thinking it must be a growth spurt...but I'm hopeful it will continue anyways. ;-)

The pack 'n play seems to be working best as her bed right now. It's not as high as the crib so it makes me feel more relaxed about her attempts to climb out...and it is easier on my back.

I've tried a million and one things to get her to sleep:
Leaving the room, holding her, staying with her, giving her my pillow, giving her my shirt, three different nightlights of varying brightness, toddler bed, pack 'n play, mattress on floor, our bed, cutting out dairy, sippy water in her bed, feeding before bed, warming up her bed, swaddling her, Motrin before bed (for teething), Gas drops before bed, waiting until she was very sleepy before putting her to bed, Scheduled bed/nap times with a routine...
Some things have worked, and some things haven't but I think I've put in a good effort! lol

I had found some information online that mentioned that children who have *never* slept through the night (which is was VIVIAN!)...often have a milk allergy.
So I cut out all dairy for her and she has stopped waking with gas and gas pains, and basically all her gas. That saved me at least a few night wakings I am sure!
She had a little pizza the other day and the following morning she was tooting like crazy, so she definitely has some digestive issues with dairy.
I have her on Lactaid whole milk and since the pizza bothered her I'll continue to keep her off cheese at the moment (which since she loves cheese, she's not happy about!).
I still have see if she can tolerate yogurt or not.

So perhaps switching her to a non-dairy diet is the reason for her sleepFULL night, last night?? Either way, it was wonderful!

Back to potty-training now. Vivi peed a good amount yesterday...and (unbelievable!) she just wanted me to take her diaper off so she could sit on the potty!!
What a day! :)

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