Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2010!
I managed to stay up long enough to watch the ball drop...we didn't stay up much past that though.
Vivian has been waking me up 5x a night for quite a few nights now.
Maybe still weaning related, maybe the three teeth she has coming in, maybe the upset tummy she gets from teething...or maybe just the full blue moon.
Who knows?

I've also been working on sleep training her so I know that has some part in it. She does sleep better draped over my shoulder while I constantly walk around....but I'm not so happy with being a Merry-go-round horse.
I moved her to her own room to hopefully help with the sleep training.
Eventually we'd like to have the girls share a room but I need Vivi sleeping much better for that to happen.
So for now I've just pulled her mattress into our spare room and made her a cozy space with a night light.
I've gotten her to learn to fall asleep on her own without nursing/rocking/carrying/holding etc. She's not happy about it at times...but other times she falls right asleep.
Which I don't think is too bad considering tonight will only be night 4.
She's such a funny girl though, her comfort item is not a blanket or stuffed animal...nope, it's an old cellphone that I removed the battery from.
DH was using it as an alarm clock and handed it to her once to distract her when she had woken up screaming....and that was it.
Now she's attached to the cellphone. lol.

Vivi still doesn't talk a ton...not that Shiloh leaves much of a lull in any conversations. She learned to say "please" because she really wanted Christmas cookies! When she says "please" she copies Shiloh's manner and tilts her head to the side and tries to say it as sweetly as possible. :-D
She is also hysterical when I getting her some food that she really wants, like a dessert or oranges, she gets all giddy and silly.

Vivian also pooped in the potty another time, so I'm really thrilled with that! :)

New Years Day we had a lot of fun playing in the snow as a family at my parents house. We bought a sled for the girls for Christmas and they both enjoyed that.
We also made a snowman and Shi really loved that. :)
She never wears out though, wow!

I am definitely wore out though. Hoping, hoping, hoping that Vivi starts sleeping better soon and not waking 5x every single night. I keep waking up with headaches from not sleeping enough and then they linger all through the day....and my brain is just a muddled fog!

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