Saturday, January 16, 2010

The morning update...

Last night Vivi did really well also!
She fell asleep in my arms after I read her a couple books and was just cuddling/rocking her to make sure she was sleepy before I put her in her bed.
I laid her down...and she didn't instantly wake back up!
She did fuss a few times during the night, I checked on her the first time and she was just fussing in her sleep so I let her settle herself and the other times her fussing was minimal as well so I just let her be.

BUT Shiloh woke me up a few times...because she had to pee, wanted her night light turned on, had to pee, was itchy, had to pee.
They take turns!!!!! It's a devious plot!

Anyways Vivi slept (without Mom help) for 11 hours!

Ahh! Now this is the life! :)

This morning, Vivi and I are the only ones up so far....I'm sure Shiloh is quite tired with her frequent night wakings. :-P
So I had Vivi sitting in her highchair with some cereal and sippy of Lactaid milk, and I hear her saying in a sing-song voice "bah-bah-bah-bah-Bive!!" She's holding up her hands and counting her fingers. wow.
I've been doing that with her while trying to keep her entertained on the potty, I didn't think she'd pick it up so fast though!

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