Monday, January 11, 2010

Potty-training boot camp

I love to participate in "Not Me, Mondays" but I'm swamped.

Potty-training Vivian, Sleep-training Vivian, disciplining Vivian. (she has a hair-trigger temper at times!)
I also was busy researching car insurance prices today, though I had to miss an Insurance agent's call because I had Vivian on the potty, pooping, at that exact moment.
Potty-training has higher priority! ;-)

Vivi has been doing great with potty training. She's learning to hold her well in fact that I haven't caught much in the potty.
She just seems to wait until I put a diaper on her at nap and bed time.

I haven't been taking her diaper off in the morning until her Daddy goes to work since he tends to freak about messes and also distracts me so I'm not as likely to catch her at key moments. So it makes my life easier until they are better trained to do it this way.

But waiting only leaves her about 3 1/2 hours until she gets a diaper again for a nap. Then there's only about 4hrs. between nap and bedtime so I'm planning to take her diaper off first thing in the morning tomorrow (If I remember!) and see how she does.

Oddly enough, pooping in the potty has been quite frequent...and I thought that was the difficult part?
Vivi even started nodding when I asked if she had to use the potty and grabbing my finger to lead me to the potty chair.
I'm so happy about that since the fact that she doesn't say many words yet concerned me with potty training her. I was wondering how exactly we'd be able to communicate everything clearly....though she certainly has proven many times that she understands things that I didn't expect her to! :)

She does say "done" when she wants to get off the potty...and can say "pee" and "poop" so we have the basics covered. ;-)
I did miss one poop that landed on the floor instead. Vivi was trying to bring it to Shiloh's attention. "Hey you! The one that talks! Yep you! Look at that...Tell Mom that you did it okay?"
Shiloh freaked.
"Mooom! Baby pooped on the floor! Shiloh didn't do it! Baby did it! Baby pooped on the floor!"
She also had to bring it to my attention that I did not put pants on Vivian and she could see the baby's butt....forgetful Mommy!
All day long at random times she'd say "Baby pooped on the floor! Baby peed on the floor!"
Quite disturbing to her! ;-)

The girls love their kitchen set and play food, though it rarely gets played with the way that I would expect...
Vivi still likes to pretend that it's a vanity table and sets out the little plastic bottles and containers and pretends that they have lotion in them that she puts on her hands then rubs all over her face.

Shiloh came running to me today and said "I made a dog stick"
"You made a dog sick? What???"
"I made a dog stick, See!" She holds up a plastic french fry.
"It's a dog stick!" then she puts in in her mouth cross-wise and starts crawling through the house.
She is funny...and can eerily imitate cats and dogs. Especially yappy, annoying, dogs. Yep.

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