Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Sunday funnies

I've been having a lot of headaches lately, the other day I was resting on the couch watching a movie about Julia Child while at the same time Vivian fed me bits of plastic food.
That amused me.
Then after the movie (in which Meryl Streep did an amazing job btw!) which was all about Julia Child's love of fancy French cooking...
Um...I made tacos for dinner.
Lol, that amused me too.

I crack myself up doing crossword puzzles, I do! Apparently doing them when I have a headache is about as bad as doing them while sleep-deprived.
I spent days, days, trying to figure out what was the name of the girl who was in the "Kill Bill" movies. I refused to google it because that would be cheating.

The question: Bill Killer

Even when Veto came up as the answer, I still kept thinking Nooo, that wasn't her name...I would remember if that was her name!
Oh my!...It's so silly. I think I do the puzzles purely for this amusement of what answers come to my mind versus the goal of finishing the puzzle. ;-)

Shiloh has started to pick out letters that she recognizes in books or magazine, and when we're out and about. It's really exciting!
She even pointed out an "X" in the design of the neighbor's garage the other day. She loves to pick out shapes especially, but that sometimes complicates the letter part a bit as she keeps calling the letter "A"....a triangle with legs, which it

I told her that she was dirty and had to have a bath (her face and hands were messy)
She said "i not dirty"
I said "Look at what's all over you."
She looked down, and stated very matter-of-factly "a dress, Mom."
oh, she's too funny!... ;-D

I was washing dishes and Vivi came behind me and kept giggling and saying "bub-oh, bub-oh!" (bubbles) She was shaking up her sippy cup and thought the bubbles that it made were the greatest thing. :)

The girls also have a game that they think is hysterical, they shake the pepper container from their kitchen set near somebody and Shi says "Want some pepper? Ooh, don't sneeze! Don't sneeze!"
Then the other person, of course, sneezes dramatically.
Shiloh says Bless you and every one cracks up. lol
Vivi usually sneezes quite randomly throughout the game, she doesn't quite have the timing down...oh, it's funny.

Want to know how you tell it's laundry day in our house? When you see Vivian walking around with the mesh lingerie bag on her head, giggling hysterically and thinking that makes her invisible... yep, that would be your first clue.

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