Tuesday, January 19, 2010

T - is for Tuesday

Vivian is doing really well at night still. Sometimes she wakes during the night, but she's usually now able to get herself back to sleep without my help...and most impressively of all she can and does sleep completely through the night too!

Potty training is still in process too. I haven't done away with the daily diapers yet and she has been holding in her bm's until nap time...lovely.
The other day she didn't even end up taking a nap because every time I laid her down...she filled her diaper again! ick!
At least it's a good sign that she's developing the control necessary for full potty-training, right? There's a silver lining to every cloud, right? ;-)

Keeping Vivi away from dairy hasn't been fun or easy. I have to put away Shiloh's milk cup as soon as she puts it down so Vivi doesn't swipe it...yes, despite the fact that Vivi does have her own (Lactaid) milk cup, stolen milk is sweeter! ;-)
When she takes a nap I pull out the cheese sticks or cream cheese and crackers for Shiloh so she's not deprived of her extra dairy. (BTW: "Fire Roasted Tomato and Olive oil" Triscuits with a little lite cream cheese....yum!)
I love the fact that there is a Lactaid whole milk available! yay!
Vivian loves to have a big bowl of cereal with milk almost every morning, so it's great that she can still have that without the bellyache. :)

I've been working on the Alphabet with Shiloh. Both girls really love the StarFall webpage, even Vivi loves to make the sounds that the letter make...like "ah" for "A".
Shiloh already had about 8 letters consistantly memorized, and a few more that she remembers off and on.
I made her little construction paper signs that I wrote some letters on and then found pictures of items that started with that letter.
She just recognized 3 more letters this morning so I like to think the signs help. :-)
A closer view of a few letters...
It actually was harder than I thought it would be because of certain words that she knows or associates with an image.
Like I couldn't use a picture of "Rice Krispies" for "C - cereal" because she knows the real name! I ended up asking her what the picture was most of the time to make sure she thought of a word that was fitting to the letter I was working on....like one picture of eggs I wanted to use for the letter "E" but she kept thinking it a picture of toast instead so that didn't work. ;-)
Other things that didn't work were:
A - Afro (found a good picture, but no I don't think so)
D - any dog under age 10? because then she called them, puppies.
C - cheese = Vivian constantly asking for cheese!
E - Excedrin - well just because that is what I associate with "E"
F - Flowers - I did use flowers, but I had to make sure there were no Roses in the picture because she knows those.
C - computer - I could only find pictures of laptops...which she knew and called them laptops. ;-)
F - Fruit - she'd just start naming each individual fruit...apples, bananas, oranges, etc.

I've been trying to add a few letter every week or so, as she learns more. Both girls really seem to like looking over the signs though so that's good. :)

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