Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bad boys, bad boys...

DH and I were watching the ending of a movie last night.
We had started watching it on Thursday but didn't get a chance to finish watching it then, so we decided to watch the rest of it last night before we went to bed.
I had already put the girls in their beds and they were sleeping soundly when we heard this loud thumping.
I went to check on the girls, thinking one of them was knocking on their door or possibly Shi had fallen out of her bed.

Nope, both kids were fast asleep.

I came downstairs and told DH "No, our children are sound asleep...." and then I noticed a bunch of teenagers going into the house across the street.
"Um...I think it's their kids"
We could see a bunch more teens inside the house, but the family's minivan was in the driveway so I wasn't too concerned. DH was worried that they would wake the girls up, and he wanted to go over and tell them to quiet down.
I was nervous about that.
DH doesn't have the best control of his temper, and I didn't want our house to become a target of teenage pranks...especially while DH was working or something.
I told him "No, lets go back to watching our movie and we'll see if it gets too wild over there. Plus we live next to a police officer and I think he's he might do something..."

We watched our movie for a few more minutes then heard the loud thumping again. (I'm still not sure what the noise was...maybe their car doors slamming)
Stopped our movie again, just in time to see our (policeman) neighbor strolling, oh so casually, to the house holding his cigarette.
He's a big guy, and you would have thought his cigarette was a rifle the way he cleared that party out.

Eventually our street was blocked by police cars.
DH and I went to bed, but I still kept being woken up hearing the police talking and their car doors opening and closing.
Shiloh woke me up around 2am because she had to go to the bathroom and there was still a police car across the street!
At least the girls slept through all the drama!
It was a lot of action for our quiet street and neighborhood...after all how often to teenagers throw a party across the street from a police officer?!
Lightbulb moment. please.

Friday, February 26, 2010

My message in a snowball

We've been a bit snowbound this week.
The weather has been wacky, rain, snow, freezing rain, wind...we didn't even get out to do our grocery shopping this week so hopefully the weather will improve soon.
Such crazy weather that we had one day where it was so warm and sunny that I was able to open up our front porch and Vivi played out there (Shi was napping) while I cleaned and then the very next day we had a snowstorm.

I found some new learning games online for Shi so we've had fun playing those, and we're working on the sounds that letters make (which Vivi loves!)
I had both girls on my lap playing a computer game this morning and Vivi started to fall asleep while sitting there.
Her molars have been bothering her so she woke up at 6am and was ready for a nap much earlier than usual.

Vivi also came up with a new game where she takes the faucet off of their little kitchen set and chases us through the house making a "Sssss" noise and pretending to spray us with water....except it usually makes her laugh so hard that she can barely run at all. lol
She also does a lot of "Two Second Coloring", that's about how long a book and crayons will keep her entertained....but she still keeps asking to color.
I think she knows that Shiloh is interested in coloring so there must be something fun there, she just hasn't found it yet. ;-)

Shiloh just wore holes through the knees of a pair of her's genetic!
I noticed she had scratched her hip tonight so I mentioned it to her and she misheard me.
"what Mom? I scratched a hippo?" :-D

She tends to try to find places to put certain items that she doesn't want Vivian to get ahold of. Usually she chooses the countertop and it becomes littered with her flashcards or certain toys.
Now she's started putting things in the microwave of the kitchen set. Vivi has a hard time opening that....and the treasured items that Shi hid in there today?
Plastic french fries and her slippers. lol.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Not Me, Not My Child, Monday!

Not Me, Monday time again (where I note things that have "not" been going on this past week)...and I'm adding a few Not My Child ones as well.

My 3yr old certainly has "not" started whistling at me to get my attention.
No way!! Especially since she can't even whistle, it's more like hooting, so she would not be saying "Mama! Mama! i need chocolate milk! Mama! woo-ooh!! Mama! woooo-oooh!"
No, Not My Child!

A drink has not spilled on our dining room table three times in less than 2 days...

When my daughter urgently announced to me that there were candy wrappers in the trash...but *gasp* no candy! So someone must have ate it, and what was I going to do about it?
Her Mama did not swallow a mouthful of chocolate, wipe her mouth, and innocently say "Oh really?"
No, Not Me! ;-)

There definitely have not been green bananas sitting on our counter for nearly TWO weeks waiting for them to turn yellow...or brown...or anything other than neon green.
I did not serve mildly spicy chili over pasta to my 1 year old, who did not scream and try to wipe off her tongue with a washcloth.
Noooo, Not Me!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Imps at the Inspection

We took our vehicle for its yearly inspection yesterday.
I took it to the dealership for the first time for this inspection.

There are benefits to having the dealer do it, like there were cartoons on for the kids in the waiting area, and they washed the truck (which desperately needed it).
They also replaced air in the spare tire without damaging the cover or not replacing the cover correctly....which my Internet search revealed is a common problem.
But even though they gave me my choice of time to have the inspection done, which gave me the false illusion that they were not overwhelmed with work, as a Toyota dealership indeed they were backlogged. It took a long time.

At least my vehicle passed inspection, though it needs new brake pads.
Hopefully I can get them replaced for less than the $850 quoted me by the dealership! eeeeeeeeeeek!

There were two awful little girls in the waiting area of the dealership. They looked to be 4 and 6.
They mobbed Vivi and were right in her face, which scared her and then she stuck out her bottom lip as far as it would go every time she saw them.
So DH took her to the other side of the building until the girls left.

Then they turned to Shiloh, I should have followed DH but I had all the coats and diaperbag with me and Shi wanted to watch "Diego" on the television there.
The 4 year old started pointing out things in a magazine to Shiloh and saying "yellow, yellow, yellow"
I said "No, that's pink"....and the little *ahem* hit me!!

Deep breath.

Then they handed a crayon to Shiloh and kept yanking it back out of her hand and then handing it back. So I asked Shi if she wanted to sit on my lap and watch Diego and she nodded.
Then the 4 year old became jealous that Shiloh had pink painted fingernails and she didn't, and even though I knew what she was trying to tell her Mom, you could hardly understand a word that she said, even her Mom couldn't understand her, and she was a big girl too...she looked 5 but acted so much younger.
Though I am used to Shiloh, who is pretty tiny in stature but also loves to talk...and talk.

The funny part was when they asked DH what Vivian's name was, and he pronounced it in his heavily-accented way "Vee-Vee-an". Then they just said "oh" and ran back to their Mom. lol

Afterwards we went to McDonalds since it was later in the day than we had expected and I was starving! McDonalds had cherry pies again. Yay, I have missed those! Ours has only had apple pies for a very long time. :)
We ate in the restaurant which we haven't done in ages, and Shi was so excited.
"Look! I drinkin' Mcdonald's milk! Look! I eatin' Mcdonald's chicken!"

I wanted to pick up some yarn for a new project or two and I was torn between baby blue or pink to match with the chocolate colored yarn I had already picked up. Shiloh was definite on her choice of the baby blue, so that's what I went with. :)

It's wonderful to have another girl's opinion on these oh, so important decisions! Shiloh also tends to have more interest and indeed, slightly better taste than DH when it comes to these things. ;-)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


It's trash day...which the squirrels are well aware of.
They come in droves. They fight each other over bags they've opened and bits of garbage they've managed to steal.
Even when it's not trash day, they check the cans just in case someone left a lid slightly ajar or perhaps there might be an enticing aroma that would require an attempt to gain entrance to the can.
Each day that DH puts garbage in our trash cans, in a short while I will see squirrels checking out the can or see their prints in the snow so I can tell they were there.

Our neighbors trashcans this morning...

After the squirrel managed to rip a hole in a bag and get a wrapper out.

I missed the picture of two squirrels fighting over this wrapper too...
Well, at least they provided great amusement to the girls!
Vivian is showing signs that her 2 year molars are on the way. They were bothering her before bedtime so I gave her some Motrin and she slept through the night great.
Shi, on the other hand, woke up for about two hours during the night...which is really unusual for her!
She had some gas, so I gave her gas drops and her explanations for waking up follows.
  • Afraid of the dark
  • Bad dream that Vivi pulled her hair
  • her leg hurt
  • her leg was itchy

She was pretty upset so she cuddled on the couch with me for awhile watching Olympic couples skating.

Shi and I were talking this morning about Ballerinas and Ice Skaters and how pretty their costumes were, so I asked her "What do you want to be, Shiloh, when you grow up?

Shiloh: "Chocolate milk"

Oh, she brightens my funny. :)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Year of Tiger

Happy Chinese New Year 2010! The Year of the Tiger.

I read an article today that suggested it that a Year of the Hamster might be more appropriate considering the Tiger Woods situation, the fact that the economy feels like a hamster on a wheel spinning in fruitless circles, and that a Hamster is the (supposed) toy of the year...interesting! lol

The girls and I are skipping out on the New Year's Eve dinner since it doesn't even start until long after their bedtime. Last year we didn't get back home til nearly midnight, which was hard but at least Vivi was young enough to fall asleep there and Shi was used to staying up late at that's much different now.
As it is, I had to wake them early from their nap today so we could visit everyone.

Today, Shiloh was watching a movie and said "Ooh, it's breathtaking!! Oooh! it's breathtaking!"
Me: "What did you just say?????"
Shiloh: "It's breathtaking! Look!"
It was Ice Age 2....the part where Scrat "dies" and goes to Heaven and sees the giant acorn.
Lol, breathtaking. Never thought of an Ice Age movie like that. :-)

Shiloh is also doing great with recognizing her Alphabet! She only has about 3 letters now that tends to forget, and yesterday I had her coloring construction paper hearts for Valentine's Day and just out of the blue she started writing letters onto her paper!
So exciting! :)

Vivi is thrilled that she has Elmo on her pajamas and Shiloh has Dora. She recognizes those characters, and actually the entire time we shop the toy aisles she's shouting "Melmo! Melmo!" lol

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

At least the light stopped blinking...

I decided to clean my coffee maker tonight.

I followed the little manual instructions, poured in vinegar, added water, set it to "clean" and waited.
Completed the cleaning cycle and the light that says the coffee maker needs cleaning....was still blinking.
Read manual again. It suggested holding down one of the buttons for 2 seconds which would override the light. uh, no...

The light was STILL blinking!

I still needed to run a couple pots of clean water through to rinse out the pot so I started running one of those through.
I decide a nice cup of tea sounded good and maybe it would help me figure out what was going on with the coffee maker.
I put a mug of water in the microwave and set it for two minutes, when it was almost finished I went to take my cup out and...
The whole kitchen went dark!
I had forgotten that I had moved the microwave onto the same line as the coffee maker and had tripped a breaker. Great.

It took me two trips to the basement to figure out which breaker had tripped and flip it....while Shiloh shouted from the top of the stairs (door closed...which is probably why she was shouting) "MOMMMM! where are you? we are your kids and were waiting here by the door! MOMMM! we're holding hands! MOMMM!!! where you going?"
I didn't explain the entire thing in detail to Shiloh before I ventured to the basement...that is never good. She absolutely has to know everything that is going on or she gets very nervous!

Having a breaker box is so nice though, such a luxury to me who is used to dealing with a fuse box in our old house. A much simpler and more reliable system!

But lo and behold, once I got the power back on in the kitchen....the coffee maker had stopped blinking!

Ta da!
(btw: I had tried unplugging the coffee maker to reset it before and it didn't work...weird.)

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Just a night post while my children are sleeping

The children are nestled all snug in their beds...while their Mama blogs. :)
Each time I lay Vivi down at night and she quietly snuggles down in her blankets, clutching her cellphone* with chubby baby hands I am just amazed.
(*a real cellphone with the battery removed, is Vivi's must-have comfort item each night. seriously.)
Vivian just goes down so easy at night now and sleeps through. Amazing!

Her milk allergy seems to play a huge role in her sleep. The other day she must have had some product with enough dairy in the ingredients to bother her.
She woke around 5x that night. The first time she woke I picked her up because I could tell what was wrong and she was arching her back, stiffening her legs and had a bit of gas. I gave her some gas drops and patted her back and was able to lay her back down sleepy, but she still woke up off and on during the night.

I know people with lactose intolerance (such as myself) have certain amounts of dairy that they can consume without problem but Vivi's level seems to be very low at the moment.

Shiloh was quite fascinated to meet her newest cousin yesterday, even today she was commenting on how "baby Wogan has wittle hands. bery wittle hands"
(baby Logan has very little hands). :)
She's starting talking about the difference between our "big baby Bibian" and "wittle baby Wogan"...just so there's no confusion lol.

I finished making the Alphabet signs for Shiloh today. I had a few letters that I couldn't find any pictures starting with that letter in the magazines and fliers I was looking through...but I found some really good ones for other letters, like a picture of "Tinkerbell" for the letter "T".
I finished them while Shiloh was taking a nap and I think she was more excited than Christmas morning when she saw the new signs!
We had to go through the Alphabet at least three times looking at all the pictures on each sign...
It's so thrilling when they are excited about learning, and you can find ways to make learning fun! :)

Monday, February 08, 2010

Not Me, Monday

It's "Not Me, Monday" time again! :) Here are a few that are not Mine!
When we purchased new pillows for the family, and one fell/blew off of the cart and onto the pavement of the parking lot. My husband and I did not both simultaneously shout "That one is yours!!"
Noooo, we're much more loving than that!

While baking a spice cake from scratch, I did not miss adding baking soda to the eyes did not totally skim over that ingredient.
I always double check my ingredients!
It also was long before I checked on the half-baked cake and saw that it wasn't rising properly, that I realized that baking soda must have been an ingredient in the recipe that I somehow overlooked. It wouldn't take me that long to realize a mistake such as that...No, Not Me!
If I had made such a flat (but still tasty) cake I also would not hide the fact that there was anything amiss with the cake and just frost and serve it as usual to my family.
Noo, I always confess my blunders at once!
I also would not leave my coffee maker blinking a warning light for several days because it wants to be cleaned. No, Not Me!
I always immediately attend to demanding appliances, sooo my coffee maker is certainly not blinking at me this right this moment.
Noo, ignore that light.
I certainly do not realize that in the time it took me to write this post, I could have cleaned the coffee maker and stopped the blinking light that is starting to get on my nerves. No, Not Me!

Friday, February 05, 2010

What is your emergency?

We made a shopping excursion to Super Wal-mart yesterday. This particular store is maybe 20 minutes away....seems like much longer when your 1yr old is in the backseat screaming because the sun is in her eyes!
Well, we went in and out of sunny and shady areas so it was Scream! Quiet, Scream! Quiet, the whole way.
We don't go to this Wal-mart too often, mainly because the layout is so different from the other stores and that makes it difficult to locate the things that you are shopping for.

I did buy a couple pairs of jeans. I needed to replace a few pairs since I keep wearing holes through the knees. Washing the floors on my hands and knees, and crawling after the kids is hard on clothes!

I bought the girls some cereal. I did not buy any Rice Krispies, Fruity Pebbles, or Cocoa Pebbles though, even though the girls love them.
I just could not handle any more of hearing the "Snap, Crackle, Pop" of them crushing under my feet everywhere I walk!
Vacuuming multiple times a day and still hearing a crunch! Ack!

Rice is another food that ends up everywhere. It's sticky and gummy and ends up everywhere, in their hair and odd the back of their necks.
Maybe my children are messier eaters, I've not seen pictures of little Asian children with gobs of rice stuck to their hair and clothing....but I've seen it here!

DH also picked up some more goldfish for the girls. I wasn't too thrilled...
The store put them in this little round container instead of the usual bag, and the water was murky.
So I was trying to scoop the fish into the little net, so I could transfer them into clean water and as fish go...they were being stubborn.
I needed to tip the container a little so they would flow into the net.
Next thing...water is pouring everywhere. I'm scrambling to get fish into the net and not onto the floor and pushing Vivi away with one foot so she doesn't get into the water. I'm shouting at DH to help me but he wasn't paying attention.
I dump the fish into the clean water and run for papertowels, shout at my curious daughters not to touch anything! Run back with the papertowels and tell my husband "You are not helpful at all in a Fish Emergency!"
(I know, a Fish Emergency?!?!)
DH did help me finish cleaning up, and I started giggling.
Fish Emergencies...just what I need.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

A letter is a letter

I've been working with Shiloh on recognizing the Alphabet and she's been doing really well.

It's been difficult getting to write the letters though, besides "O" she tends to want me to hold her hand and help her.
I've thought about letting her use fingerpaints to write with her fingers so then she'd have more control over the shapes but both girls hate to get their hands messy.

Vivi actually insists on eating with a washcloth in one hand so she can easily wipe her fingers and mouth after each bite, and Shiloh likes to do the same.

This morning I was styling Shiloh's hair and I had bobby pins out, Shi was playing with them as I was braiding her hair and she started making letters using the bobby pins! "Look Mom, I made a "T"!"
Since I needed the pins for her hair, I gave her some toothpicks and sat her at the table and she had fun making letters and asking me to make letters for her.
I was just so happy she was making letters in any form. :)

She's so funny though, she has some simple words that she has trouble pronouncing yet she has told me repeatedly that "Broccoli is disgusting".
Not just bad, or gross, or even yucky, nope...disgusting.
She probably thinks she has to be emphatic about that fact since it keeps appearing on her plate despite her complaints. ;-) She does tell me that other foods are "dewishish" (delicious) though.
She was running around with Vivian the other day, and runs up to me all out of breath and brushing her hair out of her face "Whew, I exhausted!"
She pronounces those words really well too. lol

Shiloh was pretending to be a cat yesterday. She curled into my lap,
"i a cat, Mom. i a cat."
"Nice kitty"
She checks the color of her clothes "i a pink kitty, Mom. i a pink cat"
Vivi pats her on the head and says "aww"
"i have a tail, Mom...oop" she realizes that she doesn't actually have a tail.
"i don't have a tail, Mom....i just have a butt...i still a kitty, i just have a butt"
Ohh, I laughed so hard. :)

It's nice to finally have some warmer temperatures, at least warm enough where the wind isn't whipping and chilling to the negative numbers!