Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bad boys, bad boys...

DH and I were watching the ending of a movie last night.
We had started watching it on Thursday but didn't get a chance to finish watching it then, so we decided to watch the rest of it last night before we went to bed.
I had already put the girls in their beds and they were sleeping soundly when we heard this loud thumping.
I went to check on the girls, thinking one of them was knocking on their door or possibly Shi had fallen out of her bed.

Nope, both kids were fast asleep.

I came downstairs and told DH "No, our children are sound asleep...." and then I noticed a bunch of teenagers going into the house across the street.
"Um...I think it's their kids"
We could see a bunch more teens inside the house, but the family's minivan was in the driveway so I wasn't too concerned. DH was worried that they would wake the girls up, and he wanted to go over and tell them to quiet down.
I was nervous about that.
DH doesn't have the best control of his temper, and I didn't want our house to become a target of teenage pranks...especially while DH was working or something.
I told him "No, lets go back to watching our movie and we'll see if it gets too wild over there. Plus we live next to a police officer and I think he's he might do something..."

We watched our movie for a few more minutes then heard the loud thumping again. (I'm still not sure what the noise was...maybe their car doors slamming)
Stopped our movie again, just in time to see our (policeman) neighbor strolling, oh so casually, to the house holding his cigarette.
He's a big guy, and you would have thought his cigarette was a rifle the way he cleared that party out.

Eventually our street was blocked by police cars.
DH and I went to bed, but I still kept being woken up hearing the police talking and their car doors opening and closing.
Shiloh woke me up around 2am because she had to go to the bathroom and there was still a police car across the street!
At least the girls slept through all the drama!
It was a lot of action for our quiet street and neighborhood...after all how often to teenagers throw a party across the street from a police officer?!
Lightbulb moment. please.

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