Friday, February 19, 2010

Imps at the Inspection

We took our vehicle for its yearly inspection yesterday.
I took it to the dealership for the first time for this inspection.

There are benefits to having the dealer do it, like there were cartoons on for the kids in the waiting area, and they washed the truck (which desperately needed it).
They also replaced air in the spare tire without damaging the cover or not replacing the cover correctly....which my Internet search revealed is a common problem.
But even though they gave me my choice of time to have the inspection done, which gave me the false illusion that they were not overwhelmed with work, as a Toyota dealership indeed they were backlogged. It took a long time.

At least my vehicle passed inspection, though it needs new brake pads.
Hopefully I can get them replaced for less than the $850 quoted me by the dealership! eeeeeeeeeeek!

There were two awful little girls in the waiting area of the dealership. They looked to be 4 and 6.
They mobbed Vivi and were right in her face, which scared her and then she stuck out her bottom lip as far as it would go every time she saw them.
So DH took her to the other side of the building until the girls left.

Then they turned to Shiloh, I should have followed DH but I had all the coats and diaperbag with me and Shi wanted to watch "Diego" on the television there.
The 4 year old started pointing out things in a magazine to Shiloh and saying "yellow, yellow, yellow"
I said "No, that's pink"....and the little *ahem* hit me!!

Deep breath.

Then they handed a crayon to Shiloh and kept yanking it back out of her hand and then handing it back. So I asked Shi if she wanted to sit on my lap and watch Diego and she nodded.
Then the 4 year old became jealous that Shiloh had pink painted fingernails and she didn't, and even though I knew what she was trying to tell her Mom, you could hardly understand a word that she said, even her Mom couldn't understand her, and she was a big girl too...she looked 5 but acted so much younger.
Though I am used to Shiloh, who is pretty tiny in stature but also loves to talk...and talk.

The funny part was when they asked DH what Vivian's name was, and he pronounced it in his heavily-accented way "Vee-Vee-an". Then they just said "oh" and ran back to their Mom. lol

Afterwards we went to McDonalds since it was later in the day than we had expected and I was starving! McDonalds had cherry pies again. Yay, I have missed those! Ours has only had apple pies for a very long time. :)
We ate in the restaurant which we haven't done in ages, and Shi was so excited.
"Look! I drinkin' Mcdonald's milk! Look! I eatin' Mcdonald's chicken!"

I wanted to pick up some yarn for a new project or two and I was torn between baby blue or pink to match with the chocolate colored yarn I had already picked up. Shiloh was definite on her choice of the baby blue, so that's what I went with. :)

It's wonderful to have another girl's opinion on these oh, so important decisions! Shiloh also tends to have more interest and indeed, slightly better taste than DH when it comes to these things. ;-)

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