Tuesday, February 02, 2010

A letter is a letter

I've been working with Shiloh on recognizing the Alphabet and she's been doing really well.

It's been difficult getting to write the letters though, besides "O" she tends to want me to hold her hand and help her.
I've thought about letting her use fingerpaints to write with her fingers so then she'd have more control over the shapes but both girls hate to get their hands messy.

Vivi actually insists on eating with a washcloth in one hand so she can easily wipe her fingers and mouth after each bite, and Shiloh likes to do the same.

This morning I was styling Shiloh's hair and I had bobby pins out, Shi was playing with them as I was braiding her hair and she started making letters using the bobby pins! "Look Mom, I made a "T"!"
Since I needed the pins for her hair, I gave her some toothpicks and sat her at the table and she had fun making letters and asking me to make letters for her.
I was just so happy she was making letters in any form. :)

She's so funny though, she has some simple words that she has trouble pronouncing yet she has told me repeatedly that "Broccoli is disgusting".
Not just bad, or gross, or even yucky, nope...disgusting.
She probably thinks she has to be emphatic about that fact since it keeps appearing on her plate despite her complaints. ;-) She does tell me that other foods are "dewishish" (delicious) though.
She was running around with Vivian the other day, and runs up to me all out of breath and brushing her hair out of her face "Whew, I exhausted!"
She pronounces those words really well too. lol

Shiloh was pretending to be a cat yesterday. She curled into my lap,
"i a cat, Mom. i a cat."
"Nice kitty"
She checks the color of her clothes "i a pink kitty, Mom. i a pink cat"
Vivi pats her on the head and says "aww"
"i have a tail, Mom...oop" she realizes that she doesn't actually have a tail.
"i don't have a tail, Mom....i just have a butt...i still a kitty, i just have a butt"
Ohh, I laughed so hard. :)

It's nice to finally have some warmer temperatures, at least warm enough where the wind isn't whipping and chilling to the negative numbers!

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