Monday, February 08, 2010

Not Me, Monday

It's "Not Me, Monday" time again! :) Here are a few that are not Mine!
When we purchased new pillows for the family, and one fell/blew off of the cart and onto the pavement of the parking lot. My husband and I did not both simultaneously shout "That one is yours!!"
Noooo, we're much more loving than that!

While baking a spice cake from scratch, I did not miss adding baking soda to the eyes did not totally skim over that ingredient.
I always double check my ingredients!
It also was long before I checked on the half-baked cake and saw that it wasn't rising properly, that I realized that baking soda must have been an ingredient in the recipe that I somehow overlooked. It wouldn't take me that long to realize a mistake such as that...No, Not Me!
If I had made such a flat (but still tasty) cake I also would not hide the fact that there was anything amiss with the cake and just frost and serve it as usual to my family.
Noo, I always confess my blunders at once!
I also would not leave my coffee maker blinking a warning light for several days because it wants to be cleaned. No, Not Me!
I always immediately attend to demanding appliances, sooo my coffee maker is certainly not blinking at me this right this moment.
Noo, ignore that light.
I certainly do not realize that in the time it took me to write this post, I could have cleaned the coffee maker and stopped the blinking light that is starting to get on my nerves. No, Not Me!


All My Monkeys said...

I love your blog title. My friend and I were just commenting on how pregnancy brain doesn't end when you're done being pregnant. It seems to go on MUCH longer. lol

cute post. And wow, coffee makers have lights that say to clean them?? man, I am so technologically behind. sigh.

MoppetMama said...

I still have pregnancy brain...definitely! :)

I didn't know that coffee makers had lights like this either. I had to look it up in the manual...well, after I unplugged it and shook it a few times and it still kept blinking...