Monday, February 22, 2010

Not Me, Not My Child, Monday!

Not Me, Monday time again (where I note things that have "not" been going on this past week)...and I'm adding a few Not My Child ones as well.

My 3yr old certainly has "not" started whistling at me to get my attention.
No way!! Especially since she can't even whistle, it's more like hooting, so she would not be saying "Mama! Mama! i need chocolate milk! Mama! woo-ooh!! Mama! woooo-oooh!"
No, Not My Child!

A drink has not spilled on our dining room table three times in less than 2 days...

When my daughter urgently announced to me that there were candy wrappers in the trash...but *gasp* no candy! So someone must have ate it, and what was I going to do about it?
Her Mama did not swallow a mouthful of chocolate, wipe her mouth, and innocently say "Oh really?"
No, Not Me! ;-)

There definitely have not been green bananas sitting on our counter for nearly TWO weeks waiting for them to turn yellow...or brown...or anything other than neon green.
I did not serve mildly spicy chili over pasta to my 1 year old, who did not scream and try to wipe off her tongue with a washcloth.
Noooo, Not Me!

1 comment:

mommydrinksbecauseyoucry said...

I never did the chili thing to my daughter either. Bad Mommy!
I find that paper towels cover up candy wrappers quite nicely. You know, for next time!