Tuesday, February 16, 2010


It's trash day...which the squirrels are well aware of.
They come in droves. They fight each other over bags they've opened and bits of garbage they've managed to steal.
Even when it's not trash day, they check the cans just in case someone left a lid slightly ajar or perhaps there might be an enticing aroma that would require an attempt to gain entrance to the can.
Each day that DH puts garbage in our trash cans, in a short while I will see squirrels checking out the can or see their prints in the snow so I can tell they were there.

Our neighbors trashcans this morning...

After the squirrel managed to rip a hole in a bag and get a wrapper out.

I missed the picture of two squirrels fighting over this wrapper too...
Well, at least they provided great amusement to the girls!
Vivian is showing signs that her 2 year molars are on the way. They were bothering her before bedtime so I gave her some Motrin and she slept through the night great.
Shi, on the other hand, woke up for about two hours during the night...which is really unusual for her!
She had some gas, so I gave her gas drops and her explanations for waking up were....as follows.
  • Afraid of the dark
  • Bad dream that Vivi pulled her hair
  • her leg hurt
  • her leg was itchy

She was pretty upset so she cuddled on the couch with me for awhile watching Olympic couples skating.

Shi and I were talking this morning about Ballerinas and Ice Skaters and how pretty their costumes were, so I asked her "What do you want to be, Shiloh, when you grow up?

Shiloh: "Chocolate milk"

Oh, she brightens my day...so funny. :)

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Heather said...

Oh, that sounds fun. I want to be strawberry milk though....