Friday, February 05, 2010

What is your emergency?

We made a shopping excursion to Super Wal-mart yesterday. This particular store is maybe 20 minutes away....seems like much longer when your 1yr old is in the backseat screaming because the sun is in her eyes!
Well, we went in and out of sunny and shady areas so it was Scream! Quiet, Scream! Quiet, the whole way.
We don't go to this Wal-mart too often, mainly because the layout is so different from the other stores and that makes it difficult to locate the things that you are shopping for.

I did buy a couple pairs of jeans. I needed to replace a few pairs since I keep wearing holes through the knees. Washing the floors on my hands and knees, and crawling after the kids is hard on clothes!

I bought the girls some cereal. I did not buy any Rice Krispies, Fruity Pebbles, or Cocoa Pebbles though, even though the girls love them.
I just could not handle any more of hearing the "Snap, Crackle, Pop" of them crushing under my feet everywhere I walk!
Vacuuming multiple times a day and still hearing a crunch! Ack!

Rice is another food that ends up everywhere. It's sticky and gummy and ends up everywhere, in their hair and odd the back of their necks.
Maybe my children are messier eaters, I've not seen pictures of little Asian children with gobs of rice stuck to their hair and clothing....but I've seen it here!

DH also picked up some more goldfish for the girls. I wasn't too thrilled...
The store put them in this little round container instead of the usual bag, and the water was murky.
So I was trying to scoop the fish into the little net, so I could transfer them into clean water and as fish go...they were being stubborn.
I needed to tip the container a little so they would flow into the net.
Next thing...water is pouring everywhere. I'm scrambling to get fish into the net and not onto the floor and pushing Vivi away with one foot so she doesn't get into the water. I'm shouting at DH to help me but he wasn't paying attention.
I dump the fish into the clean water and run for papertowels, shout at my curious daughters not to touch anything! Run back with the papertowels and tell my husband "You are not helpful at all in a Fish Emergency!"
(I know, a Fish Emergency?!?!)
DH did help me finish cleaning up, and I started giggling.
Fish Emergencies...just what I need.

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Heather said...

I hate cocoa pebbles too... they always end up stuck in my sink strainer!