Saturday, February 13, 2010

Year of Tiger

Happy Chinese New Year 2010! The Year of the Tiger.

I read an article today that suggested it that a Year of the Hamster might be more appropriate considering the Tiger Woods situation, the fact that the economy feels like a hamster on a wheel spinning in fruitless circles, and that a Hamster is the (supposed) toy of the year...interesting! lol

The girls and I are skipping out on the New Year's Eve dinner since it doesn't even start until long after their bedtime. Last year we didn't get back home til nearly midnight, which was hard but at least Vivi was young enough to fall asleep there and Shi was used to staying up late at that's much different now.
As it is, I had to wake them early from their nap today so we could visit everyone.

Today, Shiloh was watching a movie and said "Ooh, it's breathtaking!! Oooh! it's breathtaking!"
Me: "What did you just say?????"
Shiloh: "It's breathtaking! Look!"
It was Ice Age 2....the part where Scrat "dies" and goes to Heaven and sees the giant acorn.
Lol, breathtaking. Never thought of an Ice Age movie like that. :-)

Shiloh is also doing great with recognizing her Alphabet! She only has about 3 letters now that tends to forget, and yesterday I had her coloring construction paper hearts for Valentine's Day and just out of the blue she started writing letters onto her paper!
So exciting! :)

Vivi is thrilled that she has Elmo on her pajamas and Shiloh has Dora. She recognizes those characters, and actually the entire time we shop the toy aisles she's shouting "Melmo! Melmo!" lol

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