Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A loaf of bread, a container of milk, and a virus

A couple days ago, we made a trip to the grocery store.
Shiloh saw honeydew melons and said "Look Mama! big eggs! Dinosaur eggs!"
Vivi sat in the shopping cart and opened the container of strawberries and was going to help herself to a snack before I stopped her.
As always, as soon as we got home we all washed our hands but that wasn't enough this time...
Apparently, along with our milk and strawberries, we also brought home a bug. Yuck!

Last night I started to feel like I was catching a cold. :(
I checked our medicine supply and we were completely out of any adult cold medicine, besides a little jar of Vicks.
It's been such a mild winter and nice spring that I hadn't thought much of keeping some medicines on hand...
I had plenty of children's medicine though, so I figured I could take that if I felt bad during the night.

The girls woke me up at 6am this morning, and I still feel about the same as yesterday.
I turned on the television to "Maisy" and hoped to catch a few more winks on the couch before the girls became hungry for breakfast.
I thought Shi felt a little warm, but she was running around and said she felt fine.
Next thing, she's sobbing hysterically that her ankle bone hurts....though she keeps changing which ankle.
She definitely feels feverish now, and sure enough 101 degrees. :(

I gave her some Motrin and about an hour later she felt well enough to eat some breakfast. Her temp is more normal now, but her voice is raspy and she told me she couldn't talk because her mouth hurt and her ears are stuffy so it might just be a cold.
So unusual for her to have a fever though, this is only the second or third fever that she's ever had!

Vivi is apparently going with the "feed a cold" motto, and perhaps that will prevent her from catching this? She ate all her breakfast, some of her Daddy's breakfast, and most of my breakfast! Now she napping after that exhausting breakfast-eating contest!

Shi is sipping ginger ale (because she has refused to drink anything all morning) and watching "Kung Fu Panda".
I did run out to the drugstore this morning and pick up some adult cold medicine. Nyquil! I can have Nyquil! :)
It's been soooo long since I could take some decent cold medicine, it's my silver-lining....looking forward to the Nyquil!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Backseat baker

I've been scrambling to finish knitting Shiloh's blanket before the weather warms up too much for her to use it.
Yesterday I finally finished it while she was napping. She was so excited when she saw it and thanking me that I really wish I had caught it on video. It was too cute. :)

Then when I put the blanket on her little daybed I realize it was it was a bit too big for that bed, and since Shi has fallen out of the bed a few times....

I decided today to dismantle her daybed, dismantle the twin bed from the guest room, and reassemble the twin bed in Shi's room. (whew!) Dragging mattress and boxspring and headboards through the hall, having to take down the childgate and keep track of small children heading for the staircase...and timing it all between naps and meals...

Shiloh was underfoot with a "i helpin' Mama. i helpin"....Vivi was the opposite and would sit on whatever I was trying to move and later decided to empty one of Shiloh's drawers onto the floor. (Shi picked all the clothes up and closed the drawer for me though.) :)

We have a child rail for the twin bed so it should give her more room to wiggle around like she likes, yet keep her safely contained from falling out.
Then I set up the crib again for Vivian, instead of the pack 'n play...which was supposed to be just a temporary solution and I don't think is as comfortable as a crib.
I was hoping to just move her to a toddler bed but I don't think she's ready yet.
She still has a few nights where she wakes and cries for no apparent reason, if I just let her cry a bit she winds down and goes back to sleep but if she could pound on her door, then everyone would be awake.

Both girls fell asleep easily (Vivi for a nap and bedtime) and without a peep so hopefully it's a smooth transition.

I made pumpkin waffles this morning and the girls went crazy over them, they both kept asking for more. Veggies in the waffles and sugar-free syrup...what could be better than that? ;-)
I also found a recipe for oatmeal waffles and I'd like to find a good one for chocolate ones. yum!
Both girls were underfoot and wanting me to carry them this morning, so I sat them up at the counter and did a cooking show for them.
They were both so into smelling the spices and feeling flour, helping me stir and counting eggs.
I had to separate the eggs and Shi kept coaching me "careful Mama, Careful! you okay?? you did it? you okay? you need to wash your hands now?"
"Are you makin' pumpkin waffles for Shiloh? Are you makin' waffle maker?"
"I wanna smell more spices"
"I don't like pumpkin. The baby and I don't like pumpkin. I like chocolate milk."
"Let me stir, let me stir"
"Is that cheese? I want some cheese." "it's butter, dear"
"Oh! I want some cheese."

My backseat baker. :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dental dread

Sometimes simple things are...complicated, or I just make them complicated. Whatever.

I called the dentist last week...for myself. :(
I have a wisdom tooth...or maybe two that are moving and bothering me.
One of the wisdom teeth was x-rayed years ago and is completely sideways so the fact that it is moving isn't good, because there is no place for it to go!

It took me a ridiculously long time to work up the courage just to call the dental surgeon....only to find out that they won't see me, I have to see a regular dentist first and then be referred to the surgeon.

Okay, deep breath, sip of water. (my problem is that I'm thinking way ahead to having the wisdom tooth actually removed and the anticipated pain and stress and nerves etc.) I just need to focus on the simple task of making the phone call....

Deep breath, and I call the dentist that I'm planning to take Shiloh to...and they schedule me for the end of July.

Hmm, is that more time to prepare or more time to dread???

DH says I need to call another dentist and be seen earlier...(sigh) o-k-a-y, if you say so... I'll call on Monday because (excuse, excuse, excuse)...

Monday: (cue scary music)

Deep breath, sip of water, why are my hands so clammy?...I call a dentist that DH has used before and liked.

They don't accept our insurance...sigh.

Deep breath, whew, I'm hot and sweaty. I call another dentist...I almost replied to an ad for a receptionist job at this dentist office about 6 years ago, but I decided against it because I couldn't pronounce the dentist's 4 syllable name...still can't, as a matter of fact. An answering machine picks up, I hang up. I try to remember if I put antiperspirant on...because it certainly is not working, and go online to check the hours that the office is open, they are supposed to be open...

Deep breath, call back again and leave my name and number. I decide to give them an hour before I call another dentist's office. I focus on making the girls' lunches and not pacing back and forth staring at my cellphone. The receptionist calls back just about an hour later and I find it ironic that she can't pronounce my name. ;-)

She takes my information and a description of my problem, then schedules my appointment for what I quickly note is April FOOL'S day. (gulp) Have my lips gone numb?

heh-heh-heh... gulp... yep. la-di-dah. Just twiddling my thumbs and not thinking about impending doom in the form of drills and spit cups. (urp...gag)

I was sweaty and clammy just making the appointment. (nervous laughter) But this appointment will be a piece of cake, right?


Why is no one answering me?!?!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring in my step

Happy Spring!
We've really enjoyed the beautiful morning on this first day of Spring already. :)
We took an early morning trip to the Dollar Store and picked up some badminton racquets and shuttles, a quick stop at McDonalds to pick me up a "McCafe" coffee, then we came home and played outside for a bit before DH had to go to work.

Vivian had her follow-up dental appointment this week, she saw a different dentist in the practice and received a good report.
The damage to her teeth has stopped and her teeth are strengthening. They gave me a fluoride gel to apply to her teeth to help them strengthen faster and harder, and they implied that they may not have to do any "work" on her teeth at all....That would be wonderful! :-D
They said that because she obviously has decay-causing bacteria in her mouth that she should not have any juice (I heavily dilute her juice as it is) or any foods that would cling to her teeth.
The first day that I cut out juice resulted in a difficult and hard bm....((sigh))
I offered her applesauce and she refused, so I cut up an apple and she ate that and that helped her a lot.

The dentist gave me lists of foods to avoid and acceptable snacks...the first problem is that she's lactose intolerance, so that eliminated about three items on the acceptable foods list.
The second problem is that she's not even age Two yet and another three items on the acceptable list were choking hazards for her sugarfree gum!
So...I'm working on it.
Dark chocolate has low-decay potential!...I like that! Keeping the house stocked with dark chocolate is definitely something I could handle. :)

Vivian has been very good for teeth brushing and letting me put the (fruit flavored)gel on so I am thankful for that...especially since we are doing those things three times a day!

I also picked up some spring flowers (artificial) today...but I'm not sure if I'm going to get to use them or not.
Shiloh has been walking around all morning with a blanket slung across her shoulders and the flowers in her hands pretending she's a princess.
The flowers are now "princess roses" and I think she's enjoying them far more than I would. :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thirty Toes

I painted 30 toes this afternoon! (...and 10 fingers)
Quite a feat...especially Vivi's micro-tiny, super-wiggly little toe nails!
After their naps, the girls and I were enjoying our almost too warm front porch and Shi noticed that her nail polish was wearing off.
I brought out my nail polishes (only the Quick dry ones) and some paper towel and started painting.

Shiloh wanted red on her toes. I normally make her stick to lighter colors but for her toes, I decided red wouldn't be a big deal as long as she was careful until it dried.
She then chose a light sand color for her fingernails.
Then Vivi came running up and stood on the paper towel with pink nail polish in her hands and pointed to her toes.

Uh oh!
Now Vivi has super wiggly toes. It's extremely difficult to trim her nails, as soon as I bring the clippers to her toes they start twitching like crazy! She's very jumpy about her toes!
But she was just so sweet and wanting to be a big girl like her sister, so I set her on my lap and started painting.
I painted about 3 toes before her toes started twitching and wiggling.
It was very difficult after that, her feet and toes are just so jumpy!
Vivian even tried to hold her own feet and toes still, with her hands. lol. She wanted me to paint them so bad. :)
The second foot didn't come out so well but I managed to get enough paint in the general toe area to make her happy.
She kept stopping and looking at her toes the rest of the afternoon too, then she'd point at them so I could admire them also. :)

Then Shiloh had to make her red toes, say hello to Vivi's pink toes...then say hello to Mama's toes.
Shiloh had "princess toes". She was pretending she was "Princess Annawiese" too and kept telling me "Mama, Mama! It's Princess Annawiese coming. It's Princess Annawiese. It's bery important!" (apparently I wasn't excited enough..)

It was quite a nice, girly, way to spend a bit of the afternoon with my daughters. :)

Vivian has also asked to sit on the potty a few times in the past several days and has sat there for quite awhile too (though it wasn't a productive visit) and it just really seems that being able to do more of the things that only Shiloh has been able to do, up to now, is helping motivate her to do more "big girl" potty training, cleaning up, and trying new words.

She is teething molars and they're bothering her a lot, though she's been surprisingly mellow about it.
She keeps rubbing her jaw and tugging at her ears, and today the drooling kicked in. It was pretty amusing because she kept drooling when she talked or ate and then she kept feeling her chin and looking at her hand.
"what in the world is going on with my mouth?! this is gross!"
It's pretty funny...and nice to find something amusing during teething which usually leaves me exhausted and pulling my hair out!

Monday, March 15, 2010

If he's Ernie...does that make me Bert?

I was changing Vivi's diaper this morning, and I had a new Pampers to put on her versus our usual Target brand diapers. The Pampers have Sesame Street characters on them, and the one Vivi got this morning had Ernie on it.

Vivi doesn't know Ernie, the only character she recognizes is Elmo. She pointed to Ernie and said "Ooh, Dada!!!" Those of you who know what DH looks like...Do you see it? Lol, it cracked me up! :)

(I would post a pic of DH, but he doesn't usually like to be featured on my blog). Anyways, I thought it was pretty funny. :-)

Vivi has been busy trying new things lately. I decided she is old enough and interested enough (21 mos tomorrow) to join in Shiloh's Play-doh and Paint time fun. She was a bit confused as to what the whole deal with Play-doh was...and she did taste it! She ended up watching Shiloh and imitating whatever Shi did with her Play-doh....which was mostly make thousands of tiny little balls.

The girls had green and purple colored Play-doh so when they were done, it looked like "The Joker" had exploded into tiny bits in my dining room...

This morning Shiloh wanted to paint, so I put out a few colors for Vivian as well. She giggled when she first put her brush on the paper and saw how it put paint there. She really seemed to enjoy it, though she was very serious about her artwork.

She did do some weird flicking thing with her paintbrush that sent huge multi-colored gobs of paint scattering across the table...but it's washable paint so it all wiped up quickly and easily.

The girls finished artwork: Shiloh (L), Vivi (R)...Vivian's only colors were blue, red, and yellow. I can't really tell that from the painting though...

I think it's funny though to see the difference in the girls paintings. Shiloh starting painting around 2- 2 1/2 years old but she has rarely mixed colors very much even in her early paintings, she always had to have separate marks of color. Vivi's is interesting, it looks like a colorful tornado... :)

I've managed to knit about 30 squares of Shiloh's blanket, so it's really progressing pretty well. yay! Then I have a different pattern in mind for a blanket for Vivian as my next project though I might take a break between the's nice to have a project going. :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Workbook and Waffles (a review or two)

It's been a bit difficult to find blogging time lately.
Vivian is teething molars and is awake at least some portion of the night, which tends to mess up the following day also...especially when Vivi is crabby and overtired!
At least the weather has been beautiful so far this week, we've been able to enjoy our front porch every day and the sun feels wonderful!
Shiloh kept complaining about the sun hurting her eyes until I told her to close her eyes and enjoy how warm the sun felt.
Now she says "i feel much better Mom, i feel much better." lol (and yes she says everything at least twice)

I found this amazing book at a Super Wal-Mart, "Snip It" by Mead.
Shiloh calls it her "hand book" because there is a purple hand on the cover. :)
It is for preschool through 2nd grade, and helps the kids learn to use scissors.
There are shapes for them to cut out and assemble to make turtles and trains and various items and it works gradually so the first projects are very simple cutting.
One of the neatest parts is in the rainbow picture that Shiloh did yesterday, each of the three arcs of color in the rainbow was a sticky strip that the kids then just press their bits of colored paper on. So neat!
This was Shiloh's first attempt at using scissors, I was nervous about it but there was no blood drawn so...success!
A bit hard for her to work out the coordination just yet though.

Just check out her multi-colored Sun!!

My birthday present from my DH also arrived in the mail the other day.
I've been wanting a waffle maker for quite awhile, and I've been searching through reviews and recommendations. I finally settled on the Villaware Uno Belgium Waffle maker.
Belgium waffles are my favorite type and this maker had great reviews and is the one recommended by Alton Brown!
I have already had to return a rotating waffle maker once before, because it was just horrible. The plastic on it started to melt with the first use and every time you flipped the maker, the batter would drip out everywhere...ugh.
So I wanted a good waffler maker and one that was easy to use and figure out since I am very, very new to waffle making.

I found a nice recipe online and even took the time to separate the eggs and beat the whites to nice peaks (with my mixer, not attempting that by hand ever again) before folding them into my batter...which was recommended for nice, fluffy waffles.
The maker beeps when it is ready for the batter, and also beeps when the waffle is ready. Oh, such a nice feature especially when I am trying to get one child settled at the table and the other one needs a potty break....and then my phone rings!

My first attempts at waffle making could not go without mishaps though...of course.
First waffle came out beautifully, then the next two waffles stuck and had to be scraped out. The girls were devouring the waffles as soon as they came out, even the mistakes!
I adjusted the temperature but that didn't help, I found the problem was in the waffle maker's instructions to only oil it once for an entire waffle-making day.
Once I sprayed the pan before each waffle, they came out perfect! :)

I had a few waffles left after the girls were finished eating.
Shiloh called them waffle maker. "i want another waffle maker, Mom, good waffle maker, Mom"
Vivi called them pancakes. ;-)

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Tired, Teething, Too cute Tuesday

Vivian had a rough night, last night...which means her Mama had a rough night with her.
She woke at 3am and it was obviously her molars, she was sticking her fingers in her ears and scratching at her jaws. In fact this morning she has little scratch marks on her jaw line. :(

I brought her downstairs and immediately she started saying "muh muh" and pointing at the cupboard that I keep her Tylenol in....poor baby.
We settled on the couch to watch some episodes of "Frasier" and she had some milk and juice. After an hour she started to get sleepy again once the Tylenol kicked in.

So I brushed her teeth and put her back in bed and she slept for a couple more hours, but she was still rather crabby this morning, probably a combo of being tired and her molars. Thankfully it's sunny enough out that I was able to open our front porch up and the girls are enjoying playing out there again.

I have decided to make a blanket with the brown and blue yarn that Shiloh and I picked out the other day.
Shiloh wants the blanket already! When I cover her up at nap and bed times with her pink blankets, she keeps saying "Noo, I want the blue and brown blanket".

Never mind the fact that the blue and brown "blanket" is actually just four squares at the moment...four squares that aren't even sewn together yet...

Mama better get knitting! ;-)

I love this pattern because it's easy to memorize and find my place again after the millionth interruption for a potty break, juice refill, stuck toy, missing sock search...etc.
This is actually my second time using this pattern, the first time I made a blanket for Shiloh while I was pregnant with her. :)
I seem to remember that somehow I ended up with one extra square...must have been pregnancy brain. I'll try to count a little better this time, but I'm making no promises...

Shiloh came running up to me this morning cradling her hand. "Mom I hurt my needs a tiss (kiss)"
Me: "which finger did you hurt?"
Shi: " Five, Number 5 is hurt." that would be her pinky finger btw. ;-)

I gave her a cookie and after she ate it she told me "Good cookie, Mom. Thanks my tummy."

Shi has also started noticing eyebrows. She points them out in pictures and on her dolls. Now she wants to kiss my eyebrows good night, each night.
"Tiss-a eyebrows, Mom?"
"Now you tiss-a my eyebrows."
"Your eyebrows are fuzzy Mom." She's just too funny. :-D

Monday, March 01, 2010

Not Me, Monday!

"Not Me, Monday" time again. Some things that we have not been doing...

Today is not my birthday...Nooo, and we did not have chocolate cake as part of our breakfast, Not Me!

When I showed off my birthday flowers to my youngest child, she did not try to lick the flowers instead of smelling them...Noo

This week, my 1 1/2 year old certainly did not stick a donut into the VCR! Not my Child! We are not some of the few people left who still have a VCR and I was not thankful it was a pink-frosted plastic donut instead of a pink-frosted real donut. Though difficult to remove, it was at least a clean removal.

I certainly did not cry when I watched the cartoon "Meet the Robinsons"....Noooo, I do not cry at cartoons! Not Me!

My child did not say "uh oh! uh oh!" and pull at her sleeves when I put a short-sleeved shirt on her the other day. It has not been such a long winter that she doesn't remember what a short-sleeved shirt is and thinks something is wrong with the sleeves....

I do not keep getting the "Jaws" theme music confused with the music from "Bambi"...not that it really matters, I just have confused bath tub toys...

My husband did not fall down a short flight of stairs this morning, and my 3 year old was not the only one to run to him and ask if he was okay. When I told him I just thought he had dropped something down the stairs, he did not say "I did drop something....Me!!" lol, not that I laughed...but I did...