Monday, March 15, 2010

If he's Ernie...does that make me Bert?

I was changing Vivi's diaper this morning, and I had a new Pampers to put on her versus our usual Target brand diapers. The Pampers have Sesame Street characters on them, and the one Vivi got this morning had Ernie on it.

Vivi doesn't know Ernie, the only character she recognizes is Elmo. She pointed to Ernie and said "Ooh, Dada!!!" Those of you who know what DH looks like...Do you see it? Lol, it cracked me up! :)

(I would post a pic of DH, but he doesn't usually like to be featured on my blog). Anyways, I thought it was pretty funny. :-)

Vivi has been busy trying new things lately. I decided she is old enough and interested enough (21 mos tomorrow) to join in Shiloh's Play-doh and Paint time fun. She was a bit confused as to what the whole deal with Play-doh was...and she did taste it! She ended up watching Shiloh and imitating whatever Shi did with her Play-doh....which was mostly make thousands of tiny little balls.

The girls had green and purple colored Play-doh so when they were done, it looked like "The Joker" had exploded into tiny bits in my dining room...

This morning Shiloh wanted to paint, so I put out a few colors for Vivian as well. She giggled when she first put her brush on the paper and saw how it put paint there. She really seemed to enjoy it, though she was very serious about her artwork.

She did do some weird flicking thing with her paintbrush that sent huge multi-colored gobs of paint scattering across the table...but it's washable paint so it all wiped up quickly and easily.

The girls finished artwork: Shiloh (L), Vivi (R)...Vivian's only colors were blue, red, and yellow. I can't really tell that from the painting though...

I think it's funny though to see the difference in the girls paintings. Shiloh starting painting around 2- 2 1/2 years old but she has rarely mixed colors very much even in her early paintings, she always had to have separate marks of color. Vivi's is interesting, it looks like a colorful tornado... :)

I've managed to knit about 30 squares of Shiloh's blanket, so it's really progressing pretty well. yay! Then I have a different pattern in mind for a blanket for Vivian as my next project though I might take a break between the's nice to have a project going. :)

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