Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A loaf of bread, a container of milk, and a virus

A couple days ago, we made a trip to the grocery store.
Shiloh saw honeydew melons and said "Look Mama! big eggs! Dinosaur eggs!"
Vivi sat in the shopping cart and opened the container of strawberries and was going to help herself to a snack before I stopped her.
As always, as soon as we got home we all washed our hands but that wasn't enough this time...
Apparently, along with our milk and strawberries, we also brought home a bug. Yuck!

Last night I started to feel like I was catching a cold. :(
I checked our medicine supply and we were completely out of any adult cold medicine, besides a little jar of Vicks.
It's been such a mild winter and nice spring that I hadn't thought much of keeping some medicines on hand...
I had plenty of children's medicine though, so I figured I could take that if I felt bad during the night.

The girls woke me up at 6am this morning, and I still feel about the same as yesterday.
I turned on the television to "Maisy" and hoped to catch a few more winks on the couch before the girls became hungry for breakfast.
I thought Shi felt a little warm, but she was running around and said she felt fine.
Next thing, she's sobbing hysterically that her ankle bone hurts....though she keeps changing which ankle.
She definitely feels feverish now, and sure enough 101 degrees. :(

I gave her some Motrin and about an hour later she felt well enough to eat some breakfast. Her temp is more normal now, but her voice is raspy and she told me she couldn't talk because her mouth hurt and her ears are stuffy so it might just be a cold.
So unusual for her to have a fever though, this is only the second or third fever that she's ever had!

Vivi is apparently going with the "feed a cold" motto, and perhaps that will prevent her from catching this? She ate all her breakfast, some of her Daddy's breakfast, and most of my breakfast! Now she napping after that exhausting breakfast-eating contest!

Shi is sipping ginger ale (because she has refused to drink anything all morning) and watching "Kung Fu Panda".
I did run out to the drugstore this morning and pick up some adult cold medicine. Nyquil! I can have Nyquil! :)
It's been soooo long since I could take some decent cold medicine, it's my silver-lining....looking forward to the Nyquil!

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Leigh Anne said...

hope you all feel better soon! sydney had her very first fever yesterday (100.9)...just for the day. woke up today & it had broken...thank goodness.

and yay for nyquil! :)