Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring in my step

Happy Spring!
We've really enjoyed the beautiful morning on this first day of Spring already. :)
We took an early morning trip to the Dollar Store and picked up some badminton racquets and shuttles, a quick stop at McDonalds to pick me up a "McCafe" coffee, then we came home and played outside for a bit before DH had to go to work.

Vivian had her follow-up dental appointment this week, she saw a different dentist in the practice and received a good report.
The damage to her teeth has stopped and her teeth are strengthening. They gave me a fluoride gel to apply to her teeth to help them strengthen faster and harder, and they implied that they may not have to do any "work" on her teeth at all....That would be wonderful! :-D
They said that because she obviously has decay-causing bacteria in her mouth that she should not have any juice (I heavily dilute her juice as it is) or any foods that would cling to her teeth.
The first day that I cut out juice resulted in a difficult and hard bm....((sigh))
I offered her applesauce and she refused, so I cut up an apple and she ate that and that helped her a lot.

The dentist gave me lists of foods to avoid and acceptable snacks...the first problem is that she's lactose intolerance, so that eliminated about three items on the acceptable foods list.
The second problem is that she's not even age Two yet and another three items on the acceptable list were choking hazards for her sugarfree gum!
So...I'm working on it.
Dark chocolate has low-decay potential!...I like that! Keeping the house stocked with dark chocolate is definitely something I could handle. :)

Vivian has been very good for teeth brushing and letting me put the (fruit flavored)gel on so I am thankful for that...especially since we are doing those things three times a day!

I also picked up some spring flowers (artificial) today...but I'm not sure if I'm going to get to use them or not.
Shiloh has been walking around all morning with a blanket slung across her shoulders and the flowers in her hands pretending she's a princess.
The flowers are now "princess roses" and I think she's enjoying them far more than I would. :)

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