Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thirty Toes

I painted 30 toes this afternoon! (...and 10 fingers)
Quite a feat...especially Vivi's micro-tiny, super-wiggly little toe nails!
After their naps, the girls and I were enjoying our almost too warm front porch and Shi noticed that her nail polish was wearing off.
I brought out my nail polishes (only the Quick dry ones) and some paper towel and started painting.

Shiloh wanted red on her toes. I normally make her stick to lighter colors but for her toes, I decided red wouldn't be a big deal as long as she was careful until it dried.
She then chose a light sand color for her fingernails.
Then Vivi came running up and stood on the paper towel with pink nail polish in her hands and pointed to her toes.

Uh oh!
Now Vivi has super wiggly toes. It's extremely difficult to trim her nails, as soon as I bring the clippers to her toes they start twitching like crazy! She's very jumpy about her toes!
But she was just so sweet and wanting to be a big girl like her sister, so I set her on my lap and started painting.
I painted about 3 toes before her toes started twitching and wiggling.
It was very difficult after that, her feet and toes are just so jumpy!
Vivian even tried to hold her own feet and toes still, with her hands. lol. She wanted me to paint them so bad. :)
The second foot didn't come out so well but I managed to get enough paint in the general toe area to make her happy.
She kept stopping and looking at her toes the rest of the afternoon too, then she'd point at them so I could admire them also. :)

Then Shiloh had to make her red toes, say hello to Vivi's pink toes...then say hello to Mama's toes.
Shiloh had "princess toes". She was pretending she was "Princess Annawiese" too and kept telling me "Mama, Mama! It's Princess Annawiese coming. It's Princess Annawiese. It's bery important!" (apparently I wasn't excited enough..)

It was quite a nice, girly, way to spend a bit of the afternoon with my daughters. :)

Vivian has also asked to sit on the potty a few times in the past several days and has sat there for quite awhile too (though it wasn't a productive visit) and it just really seems that being able to do more of the things that only Shiloh has been able to do, up to now, is helping motivate her to do more "big girl" things....like potty training, cleaning up, and trying new words.

She is teething molars and they're bothering her a lot, though she's been surprisingly mellow about it.
She keeps rubbing her jaw and tugging at her ears, and today the drooling kicked in. It was pretty amusing because she kept drooling when she talked or ate and then she kept feeling her chin and looking at her hand.
"what in the world is going on with my mouth?! this is gross!"
It's pretty funny...and nice to find something amusing during teething which usually leaves me exhausted and pulling my hair out!

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